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中原: hideさん、この帽子手編み?
hide, is that beanie hand-knitted?

hide: これ(帽子を触りながら)、わかんない、買った、買ったヤツ。
This one (as he touches the beanie), I don't know... I... I bought it so...

Oh, did you.

hide: うん。

中原: (恵に)帽子に、hideさんて特徴があるでしょ?
(To Megumi) He always wears very distinguished hats and caps, don't you think?

恵: あるあるあるある。
Oh yeah, he does.

中原: そいで見事に自分に似合う帽子を探せるの。
And he always finds the one that suits him very well.

hide: 僕は、僕は、あの、帽子大っ好きなんですよ。大っ好きなんだけど、僕ねここの(額から後頭部の)幅がね、すごい長いのね。あの、昔子供の頃アポロキャップってありましたでしょ、あれって、画期的でほら、広がるようになってたでしょ、あれがね、子供の頃から、外してやっとかぶれるぐらい、ここが長いのね。だっからね帽子のデザインが良くても、まず「かぶれる」ってことから、あの、始まる。
You know, I love hats. I really do, but my head is in weird shape and the length from here to here (from forehead to the back of the head) is real long. You know about apollo caps back in the days? They were innovative and you could expand it with the belt on the back, right? Even as a kid, I could barely wear it with the snaps completely off. So even when I find a hat that looks good, I first have to see if I can wear it or not.


恵: サイズが合うかどうかってところから。
You need to check the size first, huh?

hide: そ。「これかぶりたいから」ってずっと、頑張って、ギュウッてやって被ってるでしょ? 2時間ぐらいするともうねぇ、目ぇ真っ青になってくんの(右手の平を目の前で横に動かしながら)。
Right. So let's say I have this hat that doesn't fit but I force myself to wear it only because I want to. Then after a couple of hours, everything starts looking blue.

中原: 血が通わなくなってくるの?
Cause the blood isn't flowing well?

hide: そそそそ、クラックラしてくるの。撮影とかで間違えてね、その自分のお気に入りの帽子をかぶれないの無理矢理かぶって、しばらくしてっとぶっ倒れそうになるもん。
Exactly, I start getting dizzy like a mother. At the shooting, I once wore my favorite hat that didn't really fit by mistake. Then after a while, I almost passed the hell out

恵: でも、似合ってますよね!
It looks good on you, though!

中原: 似合ってる。
It really suits you well.

hide: あとね、(髪を指して)あの、この、この色でしょ。髪の毛、中ピンクでしょ。あの、ピンクのときで服が合えばいいんだけど、帽子かぶってないと、なかなかね、ピンクの髪の毛に、合わないんだよ(笑
And also, look (pointing at his hair). Look at my hair. Look at this color. It's pink inside, right? It's ok if it matches my clothes, but not a lot of colors look good with pink, you know (Laugh).


恵: ファンの方々からですね、これね、いろんなこと聞きたいと。ね? で、hideさん自身もそのインターネットでなんか質問したりしてることもあったりして。
Your fans want to ask you a lot of questions. See? And hide, you sometimes ask them questions on internet too.

hide: (小声で)はいっ。
(Low tone)Yep.

恵: えー、してるらしいんですけど。いろいろ、うちの番組で調査してまいりまして。これね、あのー、いろんな中でちょっと気になってるんですけど、『hideさんのファンとして自慢できること』というのをファンの人に聞いてみました。えー、ダントツ一位で、『英語、四文字熟語、諺が得意になった』。これ、けっこう多いんですか?
Yes, we heard about that. And we did some research too. I'm interested in this one right here. "What are you proud of being a hide fan?" We asked this question to the fans, and the No.1 answer was, no doubt, "I'm now good at English, 4-kanji proverbs (*1) and old sayings'. Do you hear this from your fans a lot?

(*1 Japanese proverbs which consists of only 4 kanji characters.)

hide: 多いですね。なんかね。うん。
Yes, I do... some how. Yeah.

恵: コンサートとかで、やるんですか?
You say lots of proverbs and old sayings at the concerts and stuff?

hide: いや、あのね、歌詞の中に、わりと、なんか四文字熟語っていうか、なんか「格言」、っちゅうかね、あの......
No, in the lyrics. 4-kanji proverbs or sayings or... what should I say...

恵: 入れたりするんですか?
Use them in the lyrics, huh?

hide: ……が入っちゃうんですよね、中に。僕の場合、あの歌詞の譜割が、すごい細かーかったりするじゃない。特にロックの速い曲とかだと。それをね、なんか、いちばん割舌がね、ガシガシしたような音節でやると、なんかその方が……。四文字熟語、四文字熟語の言葉とか日本語のすごい素晴らしいところは、これだけ言わなければいけないようなことを、四文字で言えてしまえてることが。やっぱり、最初に自分でこうやって長~ったらしく書いてるんだけど、それで全部集約されてしまうところもすごいし、音もね、すごくかっこよくできてるんですよ。
I kinda naturally use them in my lyrics. My songs have a lot of notes, especially fast rock songs. When I have to say a lot of words fast, I think those proverbs suite better…I think it's the best thing about Japanese language. When you want to say a lot of things, you can put them all in four kanjis. I might be writing a long sentence at first, but you can put it all in only four letters. And That's great. Also, they all sound cool too, you

恵: 「異句同音」、とかね。
Like, "IKU-DOUON". *2

(*2 A situation where a lot of people expressing the same opinion at the same time)

hide: そう、そう、そう。
Right, right, right.

中原: 「試行錯誤」

(*3 To repeat the process of "Try and fail" as you keep learning from the failure and make it better each time)

恵: ああ、いいっすね~。
Ah, sounds good...

hide: なんか、ガキガキしてるでしょ。そこがね、ヘヴィロックとかにすごいマッチングがよかったりするんで。……のもあったしね、あと、おばあちゃんっ子だったってのもすごいあるんでしょうけど。
It sounds kinda rough, doesn't it? So it matches well with the sound of heavy rock music. And also, the reason why I use them a lot could be because I was a grandma's boy.

中原: (笑)かわいい! かわいいし!(笑 おばあちゃんっ子。
(Laugh) How cute! That is so cute, you are a grandma's boy.

hide: だからそういう言葉を親とかおばあちゃんがよく話して、使ってたと思うんですよね。だから普通の言葉として入ってるから出てくるんだと思うんですけど。
So, I think my parents and my grandma used to use those words in daily conversations. I think the reason why I use them naturally is because they were inputted in my head as normal vocabulary.

恵: そうですよ昔の人は、ほんとに、さりげなく入れますもんね。「そういうことやってても、漁夫の利だから」とか。言ったりするじゃないですか。
Old people surely use those words naturally in their conversations, like "But it's 'Gyofu-no-ri' (*4) " etc.

(*4 The situation where two people are fighting over one thing and the third person shows up just to swipe off the profit without a sweat.)

中原: うわぁぁ……恵さんもよく知ってるねー。
Wow... you know well about old sayings too, Megumi.

恵: (中原に) 何か好きな言葉あります? 諺でも何でもいいですけど。
(To Nakahara) Do you have any sayings or proverbs you particularly like?

中原: 「起承転結」?
"起承転結 (Kishou-Tenketsu)"?
(*5 "Introduction, Examples, Different approaches and Conclusion" Describes well organized documantations.)

恵: あー。

中原: それしか浮かばなかったのかな、どうやら?(笑 hideさんは、四文字熟語で、いっちばん最初にポンと浮かんでくるの何です?
(Laugh) It looks like that's all I could think of (Laugh). What's the first 4 kanji proverb you can think of, hide?

hide: あ、言葉でですか? よく使うのは「疑心暗鬼」とか、そういう……わりとガキガキした、音としてかっこいいのとかが好き……出てきますね。
Oh, the proverbs? The ones I use a lot are like "疑心暗鬼" (GISHIN-ANKI) (*6) or... those that sound rough and cool.

(*6 Being paranoid. The literal translation would be "To have doubts about everything to the point where you start seeing demons in any darkness".)

恵: 「彼女はいますか」?
"Do you have a girlfriend?"



(The staff in the studio LOL)

恵: …答え早いぞ。
...That was quick.

中原: いないことがおかしいじゃない!
It's weird if he doesn't!

恵: そうですよ。好きなタイプの女性は?
You are right. What's your type?

hide: タイプー、ないですけどー。
Type... I don't have any though...

恵: あ、さっき、いや先々週ぐらいに言ってましたね。「目の大きい……」って。
Oh that's right, you told us a while ago... no, about last, last week. You said, "Girls with big eyes"...
"If the god gives you a gift, what would you pick from the following?
1. A hair dye set of 72 colors
2. The right to be a 20-something girl for a year.
3. The latest model Macintosh computer.
4. You can be a kid. You'll also have a twin sister who looks exactly like you.
5. You can be a kid of "Lupin the Third". You get to see Miss. Fujiko too. *7

(*7 Lupin the Third is a Japanese cartoon show. Miss Fujiko is a girlfriend of the main character, Lupin. She's super sexy. )
If the god gives you one gift out of these five, what would you choose?"

hide: いやもう女の子になれる権ですね。(即答)
The right to be a girl, of course (immediately)

恵: ほぉ~。一年間女の子になれる権。
Really. The right to be a girl for a year.

hide: あっそびまくりますよね。
I'll ssssssleeeeeep around like a mother.

(Everybody in the studio lol)

中原: いやぁ~、hideさんね、女ってなかなか遊べないよ。
But hide, it's really really hard for a girl to sleep around, I'm telling you.

hide: うん、そうだと思うんですよ。でも、この男の感覚のまま、なんか、遊びたいじゃないですか。
I know, I can imagine that. That's why I wanna sleep around just like a guy would.

中原: わかるな。あたしも男になったらやっぱり、ガンガン行くもん。
Well, I can relate to that. If I was a guy, I would too.

恵: どうします、あのー今、女の子になれたら、今はやりのあの、何ていうんですか? スリップドレスみたいなのあるじゃないですか。ああいうの着ます?
If you could be a girl, would you wear those "slip dress" thingie that the girls today are wearing?

hide: あもうガンガン着ていきますね。ノーブラノーパンでいきます。
Oh hell yeah, I would. Without bras nor panties.

恵: ノーブラノーパンで行きますか!(笑
No bras, no panties! (Laugh)

(Laugh) That's one heck of a girl! (laugh)

恵: い~ですねぇ。でも俺もそうなるでしょうね。
I like that. I'm sure I would be like that too.

hide: もうとりあえず遊びまくりますね。
Before anything, I'd sleep around.

中原: 一応名前は秀子ちゃん?
What would be your name? "Hideko"?

(Laugh) Doesn't matter though.

恵: 好きな名前を1個選べるんです。
You can choose any name you like.

hide: あ、そうなんですか? 何にしましょうかね…じゃ、「理恵」(笑)……「理恵」にしましょーかね?……
Oh really? What should it be… Then.. I'd be "Rie". (Laugh)

中原: 理恵! バンザ~イ!(大喜び)
Rie! Yeah! (Delighted as he picks her fitst name)

恵: 良かった~。
YEAH! (Laugh)

hide: でも、遊びまくるんですよ。
Are you sure? I'll be sleeping around.

No probs!

恵: すごいんですよ、理恵ちゃん。
Rie-chan is no joke, to the point where it's not even funny, are you sure?

hide: パンツはく暇ないんですよ。
Won't even have time to put the underwears on. Are you sure?

中原: あたし「理恵ちゃん」のお友達の…あたし「秀子ちゃん」になる、じゃあ。私も脱ぐ、じゃあ。
Then I'll be "Rie"'s friend… I’ll be "Hideko" then. And I'll be naked too, then.

(Forced laugh) Ha…ha… I'm not sure about that… (Laugh)

(The staff in the studio give a forced laugh)

恵: さあ、じゃ、これをちょっと聞いてみましょう。「ソロとXJAPANのときとどっちがいいですか」?
Ok, let's ask this question next. "Which do you prefer, solo or X Japan?"

hide: んー、比較……されても、なぁ…。比較ーはできないですねぇ、基本的には。Xでいるときは、やっぱりYOSHIKIっていう屋台骨があって、あのー…、ボスがいて、だから僕基本的にXをやっていたのっていうのは結構YOSHIKIの魅力っていうのによるところがすごく大きくて、そこで結構、あの自由にギター弾いて、あのー……、ちょっと頭の、おかしいギタリストでいることがすごく楽しかったし、こっちでいるってことはすべてに関して、なんかこう目配りして、ぜんぶいろんなことやったり、例えば、こういう番組で、こうやってしゃべしてもらってることとかって……やれることも、ねぇ? 楽しいことだしっていう、なんか、比較ではないですね。
Hmmm…. It's not something to compare… I basically... can't … compare. When I was in X, there was a backbone called "YOSHIKI". There was a boss. In fact, basically the reason why I was doing X was mostly because I was attracted with YOSHIKI. It was just such a big fun freely playing the guitar in the band, being a "qoo-qoo" guitar player under the band's umbrella. On the other hand,when I'm doing solo, I take care of everything, doing all kinds of things... like... talking on a TV program like this and it's also fun, for example. So it's not something to compare.

恵: やる質が全然違うと。
So it's totally different, right?

hide: そうですね、内容も、違いますし。
That's right. What I do is also totally different.

恵: 楽しさも当然違うと。どっちがどっちとは言えないと。
Totally different kind of fun too, of course, huh? So you can't really say which is better.

hide: ええ。

中原: グループ交際と・・・単独交際みたいなもんじゃない?(笑) (恵に)また変だと思ってるのよ、私の意見を(笑 そうよね、hideさん? グループ交際の楽しみもあるじゃない。
Isn't it like "group relationship" and "one-on-one relationship"? (Laugh) (To Megumi) Hey, I know you are thinking I started saying something weird again. Ain't that right, hide? It's fun having "group relationship" too, isn't it?

恵: 輪を崩さずに盛り上げていくという・・・
Like, keeping it rocking as you make sure not to disturb the harmony in the band...

hide: 格闘技と、あのー・・・集団でやる・・・なんでしょう、スポーツとか。
Um... It's close to "marshal art match" and something like... how should I put it... "the sports you play as a team".

恵: ああ、野球とか。チームプレーと、個人技の違いという。
Ah, like baseball. It's the difference of team play and single play.

hide: 何かを成し遂げたときはみんなで分かち合えて、力もだから5分の1だったり4分の1だったりするけど、こっちは100%出して疲れる分も100%だけど、負けたときも100%だし、勝ったときも100%。
Exactly. So when we accomplished something, we all could share it together and the power we put into it was also one-fifth respectively. But in solo, I put 100% power into it, I get tired 100%. When I lose, I lose 100%, when I win, I win 100%.

(To be continued to 3rd week 2 of 3)
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