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by rosa_hi-ho
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恵: 「hideさんがプロデュースすると面白そうなアーティストは?」、っていうの、これ、hideさん聞いたんですよね。
"Pick an artist you are most interested to be produced by hide" This is the question he asked himself, right, hide?

hide: うん。

恵: そしたらこれ 1 位がダントツで篠原ともえさんだった。で、SMAP、及川…ミッチーですね。だーっとこれ、続くんですけど、どうですか、これ? ご自分で聞いたんですけど。なんで、これ聞こうと思ったんですか?
The number one pick was, out of question, Miss. Tomoe Shinohara. The number two pick was SMAP, followed by Mr. Mitsuhiro Oikawa. What do you think about this? Why did you ask this question?

Um, cause people ask me that question a lot. I don't know who I wanna produce, so I decided to ask my fans.

What do you think about this result, Tomoe Shinohara?

I like the choices. I've been fan of each of them for a long time.

恵: ほおおーう。…あとダウンタウンの松本さんが入ってる。
Really. And Mr. Matsumoto of Down Town is also included.

Oh yes, they are all those who I like myself.

恵:あ、じゃ、わりと好きな・・・ファンの人と一緒の気持ちになれてるってことですよね。感覚がね。どうなんですか、そのプロデューサーという作業は? ま、将来的に見てですけどもね。
So I guess that means you have a close feeling with your fans. What do you think about producing? Is it a part of your future?

I'm willing to do it, but I think it's all about the opportunity to meet people. Basically I'm not the type who thinks about producing first then looks for somebody to produce. So, it'll be more like…for example, meeting somebody first and then thinking "It'd be so damn cool if I could do something with this one right here…".

How about Miss Shinohara?

hide: 篠原ともえさんですか?
Miss Tomoe Shinohara?

恵: うん、どんな・・・曲、が浮かんだりします?
Yes, how would it be prodicing her, …can you picture what kind of song it would be?

Let's see… if I just decide to do it… Me, composing a punk rock song for her is too predictable, right? I wanna do something… how should I put it… very jazzy or … something like that, that'd be cool, I think.

Like, something mellow?


中原: ちょっとけだるい感じ。
Something a little "lazy" and "drowsy".

恵: けだるい感じの。あ、ちょっと裏切りでね。篠原ともえのあの明るい雰囲気をちょっと裏切ってね。
Something "lazy"... oh so it'll go a little against her image. Totally opposite of the happy image of Tomoe Shinohara, huh?

It's just something I thought of right now, though.

For example... I know I'm out of my place asking such a question but...

恵:おお! 聞いときなさい!
Oh cmon, go ahead and ask!

Ok, let's ask then. If you decide to produce me, what kind of song would it be?

Uh, good question


I might have put him in troubke now...

You sure have.

I don't know but if you ask me like that, I can't help thinking about that "Good wife, bad wife" thing
(*1 )...
(*1 "Good wife, bad wife, normal wife" was the characters Nakahara used to play on a comedy show back in the days.)

(Staff, Nakahara, Megumi and hide LOL)

(Laugh) As a song?!

I can't help bringing it up, you know (laugh).

So you are gonna express that thing as a song.

Even I used to watch that show a lot back in the days.

But I think that "Multi-personality" stuff would create an interesting material. I think it could be interesting if you put it together in a cool way.

Then I'll dress up in a house-wifey style, right?

hide:それがいろいろ…「よい妻」、「悪い妻」(笑 「普通の妻」(笑
In many versions… "Good wife", "Bad wife", "Normal wife"…(laugh)

So the costume will be an apron. Or the cover-all cooking coat.

Oh yeah, sounds good!

hide:割烹着に・・・あの・・・何もつけない! とか。
Cover-all cooking coat... er... without wearing anything underneath! How's that?

(Everybody in the studio lol)

中原:また!? また何もつけないの!?(笑
Again?! I don't wear anything again?!

It'll be like a sit com then.

For real though, do you guys really have that classic fantasy of "Apron without wearing anything underneath"? Do you really wanna see it?

"Only apron" fantasy?

hide: うーん・・・

中原:(hide に)見たい?
(To hide) You wanna see it?

I want to... I don't say I don't want to...

But think about it, you got married and one day you came home to find your wife coming to the door saying “Welcome home, darling!”, wearing nothing but an apron. Don’t you kinda get disgusted?

Um... I think I'd take her straight to the hospital.

中原:(笑 ほらね! みんな見たいっていうけれども、本当にやったら…
(Laugh) See?! Everybody says they wanna see it but if your wife actually does it...

As me, I'd just hug her once right there. Saying, "Oh you so silly!" (Laugh)

hide: 「わっはっはっ」(笑
"HA HA HA!" (Laugh)

I... don't know what to say about that...(Forced laugh)

hide:ごめんなさい、僕もウソでした(笑 僕も抱きついときます。(抱きつくマネをして)「わっはっはっ」(笑
I'm sorry, I was lying too. I’d hug her too. (Pretending to hug) "HA HA HA" (Laugh)

(Everybody in the studio goes lol)

See? Gotta hug her there, right? Gotta laugh at her.

hide: 笑っときます。
Yeah, I'll laugh at her.



Do you have any ideas of what kind of wife or girlfriend would make you happy?

"Make me happy"… Not really, I really don't ask that much. "Cook complete breakfast in the morning"… that's about it.

See? He has this "side".

He's a "man" !

I mean, cmon, I never say… I've never actually said anything like that though, even way back then. I just work things out so that she'll naturally cook for me (Laugh).

中原: そいで作ってくれたりすると、結構感動、うっすら感動なんかしちゃったりするタイプです?
And are you the type that gets a little delighted when she cooks for you?

Well, when she cooks for me as a surprise, yes.

中原: ね?

Uh, without telling you, huh? Do you eat breakfast everymorning?

My day won't start till I eat breakfast. I can eat even sukiyaki in the morning. I'm such a good riser. When I wake up, I just get up like "Arrrr!" and eat like this (Pretending to cut something on a plate with a knife and a fork).


Yup, or anything.

Sounds like you are very healthy!

I don't know if I'm healthy or something's wrong with my digestive systems though.

Already hyper in the morning!

Hyper in the morning… yes.

中原:でも普通はね、hideさんぐらいいっぱいほら、あの、日々? たまに、でもそうだけど、お酒をいっぱい飲む人って朝そんなに食べれないじゃないですか。
But usually, a person who drinks a lot like hide can't eat that much in the morning, don't you think?

In my case, it’s opposite. When I have a hang over, I just wanna get the hell up and eat something like curry with pork cutlet on top… However, I usually regret it later though.

(Every body in the studio laughs)

You get to see that same curry later again?

hide: ええ(苦笑しながら深くうなずく)
Right. (Nodding deeply with an awkward smile)

Really. I noticed this as I've been listening to you. You like the type of dishes that young boys tend to like. Isn't that right?

恵: 何が好きですか?
What's your favorite?

Um… Well, I'm not really picky though.

Then, what's the dish you can keep eating through out your life?

hide:もうご飯とふりかけがありゃいいっすよね(笑 無人島持ってくっつったら、ご飯とふりかけですよね。
If I have white rice and "Furikake" (*2), I'm good. (Laugh) If I'd be stranded in a deserted island, I'd bring white rice and "Furikake".
(*2 Powder of seaweed, dried fish crumbs, sesame seeds etc. Sprinkle it over white rice for the flavor.)

I agree. I'd take white rice too, no doubt.

White rice. Me too. And if I take rice and Furikake, I'll bring the Furikake case that's divided in four sections and each of them has the different flavor. I'll be good only with it. Cause I'll be sick and tired of eating anything else.

So you mean your favorite food is Furikake?

Well, if that'll be the only thing I can eat for a long time, I'll take three different kinds of Furikake and eat it in rotation.

In my case, egg flavor goes faster. I'm making sure that I use them all in the same pace, but I can't help it. I like egg one.

(Staff in the studio laugh)

In my case, cod roe goes fast.

恵:あ、タラコ減っていきますか。良かった良かった(まったり)・・・ (中原に)何聞いてんですか、あなた、さっきから!(笑
Cod roe? I see I see… (To Nakahara) What kind of question are you asking?!(Laugh)

(Staff in the studio laugh)

Cause, you know, I started wondering what kind of food he wants to keep eating through out his life. It just came to my mind as I was watching him… cause he likes curry with pork cutlet and sukiyaki etc, right?

But you seem to be full of vitality already in the morning. As if "I'll be full of energy all day!"

Well… or it's more like, I don't really like sleeping, you know?

You don't sleep for a long time?

hide:うん、一点集中型。あのー寝る前にさぁ、あのーそのお布団に入って、寝るまでの時間が好きな人もいるで・・・しょ? 俺あの時間がほんっとに嫌いで、あの時間があることによって、僕、鬱状態になっちゃうの、ね。だから、もう、寝るのはもう「うぅっっ」ってなるまで寝ないで、布団に入らないで、で、起きても、うじゃうじゃうじゃうじゃあの眼が覚めてんのに布団の中でうじゃうじゃしてんの大っ嫌いなのね。で、起きたらもうバッと起きてメシ食いたい。
No. I'm the type who sleeps in "pin-point concentration". Like… when you get in the bed, some people like the time spent in bed before they fall asleep, right? I reeeally hate that time…to the point I get severely depressed because of it. So I don't get in the bed until I go "Agh, I'm gonna pass out…" And also I can't stand just staying in the bed doing nothing while you are already awake. So when I'm awake, I just wanna get out of the bed and eat breakfast.

So you kinda suffer before you fall asleep, huh?

Yeah, so I don't go lay down unless I'm completely exhausted.

So you rather prefer the condition of not even knowing when you are sleeping, huh?

Yeah. I don't sleep unless I pass out.

So, for example, do you get mad when someone tells you stories till you fall asleep?

hide: ・・・う、うんっ(困ったように苦笑
Um... huh? (Forced laugh as if he's a little confused)

Like "Hey, guess what happened today, hahaha, hahahaha" ?

Oh hell no, I can't stand that. I get pissed off when someone starts talking after I lay down.

(To be continued to 3rd week 2 of 3)
by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-10-29 11:59 | Japanese-English
中原: hideさん、この帽子手編み?
hide, is that beanie hand-knitted?

hide: これ(帽子を触りながら)、わかんない、買った、買ったヤツ。
This one (as he touches the beanie), I don't know... I... I bought it so...

Oh, did you.

hide: うん。

中原: (恵に)帽子に、hideさんて特徴があるでしょ?
(To Megumi) He always wears very distinguished hats and caps, don't you think?

恵: あるあるあるある。
Oh yeah, he does.

中原: そいで見事に自分に似合う帽子を探せるの。
And he always finds the one that suits him very well.

hide: 僕は、僕は、あの、帽子大っ好きなんですよ。大っ好きなんだけど、僕ねここの(額から後頭部の)幅がね、すごい長いのね。あの、昔子供の頃アポロキャップってありましたでしょ、あれって、画期的でほら、広がるようになってたでしょ、あれがね、子供の頃から、外してやっとかぶれるぐらい、ここが長いのね。だっからね帽子のデザインが良くても、まず「かぶれる」ってことから、あの、始まる。
You know, I love hats. I really do, but my head is in weird shape and the length from here to here (from forehead to the back of the head) is real long. You know about apollo caps back in the days? They were innovative and you could expand it with the belt on the back, right? Even as a kid, I could barely wear it with the snaps completely off. So even when I find a hat that looks good, I first have to see if I can wear it or not.


恵: サイズが合うかどうかってところから。
You need to check the size first, huh?

hide: そ。「これかぶりたいから」ってずっと、頑張って、ギュウッてやって被ってるでしょ? 2時間ぐらいするともうねぇ、目ぇ真っ青になってくんの(右手の平を目の前で横に動かしながら)。
Right. So let's say I have this hat that doesn't fit but I force myself to wear it only because I want to. Then after a couple of hours, everything starts looking blue.

中原: 血が通わなくなってくるの?
Cause the blood isn't flowing well?

hide: そそそそ、クラックラしてくるの。撮影とかで間違えてね、その自分のお気に入りの帽子をかぶれないの無理矢理かぶって、しばらくしてっとぶっ倒れそうになるもん。
Exactly, I start getting dizzy like a mother. At the shooting, I once wore my favorite hat that didn't really fit by mistake. Then after a while, I almost passed the hell out

恵: でも、似合ってますよね!
It looks good on you, though!

中原: 似合ってる。
It really suits you well.

hide: あとね、(髪を指して)あの、この、この色でしょ。髪の毛、中ピンクでしょ。あの、ピンクのときで服が合えばいいんだけど、帽子かぶってないと、なかなかね、ピンクの髪の毛に、合わないんだよ(笑
And also, look (pointing at his hair). Look at my hair. Look at this color. It's pink inside, right? It's ok if it matches my clothes, but not a lot of colors look good with pink, you know (Laugh).


恵: ファンの方々からですね、これね、いろんなこと聞きたいと。ね? で、hideさん自身もそのインターネットでなんか質問したりしてることもあったりして。
Your fans want to ask you a lot of questions. See? And hide, you sometimes ask them questions on internet too.

hide: (小声で)はいっ。
(Low tone)Yep.

恵: えー、してるらしいんですけど。いろいろ、うちの番組で調査してまいりまして。これね、あのー、いろんな中でちょっと気になってるんですけど、『hideさんのファンとして自慢できること』というのをファンの人に聞いてみました。えー、ダントツ一位で、『英語、四文字熟語、諺が得意になった』。これ、けっこう多いんですか?
Yes, we heard about that. And we did some research too. I'm interested in this one right here. "What are you proud of being a hide fan?" We asked this question to the fans, and the No.1 answer was, no doubt, "I'm now good at English, 4-kanji proverbs (*1) and old sayings'. Do you hear this from your fans a lot?

(*1 Japanese proverbs which consists of only 4 kanji characters.)

hide: 多いですね。なんかね。うん。
Yes, I do... some how. Yeah.

恵: コンサートとかで、やるんですか?
You say lots of proverbs and old sayings at the concerts and stuff?

hide: いや、あのね、歌詞の中に、わりと、なんか四文字熟語っていうか、なんか「格言」、っちゅうかね、あの......
No, in the lyrics. 4-kanji proverbs or sayings or... what should I say...

恵: 入れたりするんですか?
Use them in the lyrics, huh?

hide: ……が入っちゃうんですよね、中に。僕の場合、あの歌詞の譜割が、すごい細かーかったりするじゃない。特にロックの速い曲とかだと。それをね、なんか、いちばん割舌がね、ガシガシしたような音節でやると、なんかその方が……。四文字熟語、四文字熟語の言葉とか日本語のすごい素晴らしいところは、これだけ言わなければいけないようなことを、四文字で言えてしまえてることが。やっぱり、最初に自分でこうやって長~ったらしく書いてるんだけど、それで全部集約されてしまうところもすごいし、音もね、すごくかっこよくできてるんですよ。
I kinda naturally use them in my lyrics. My songs have a lot of notes, especially fast rock songs. When I have to say a lot of words fast, I think those proverbs suite better…I think it's the best thing about Japanese language. When you want to say a lot of things, you can put them all in four kanjis. I might be writing a long sentence at first, but you can put it all in only four letters. And That's great. Also, they all sound cool too, you

恵: 「異句同音」、とかね。
Like, "IKU-DOUON". *2

(*2 A situation where a lot of people expressing the same opinion at the same time)

hide: そう、そう、そう。
Right, right, right.

中原: 「試行錯誤」

(*3 To repeat the process of "Try and fail" as you keep learning from the failure and make it better each time)

恵: ああ、いいっすね~。
Ah, sounds good...

hide: なんか、ガキガキしてるでしょ。そこがね、ヘヴィロックとかにすごいマッチングがよかったりするんで。……のもあったしね、あと、おばあちゃんっ子だったってのもすごいあるんでしょうけど。
It sounds kinda rough, doesn't it? So it matches well with the sound of heavy rock music. And also, the reason why I use them a lot could be because I was a grandma's boy.

中原: (笑)かわいい! かわいいし!(笑 おばあちゃんっ子。
(Laugh) How cute! That is so cute, you are a grandma's boy.

hide: だからそういう言葉を親とかおばあちゃんがよく話して、使ってたと思うんですよね。だから普通の言葉として入ってるから出てくるんだと思うんですけど。
So, I think my parents and my grandma used to use those words in daily conversations. I think the reason why I use them naturally is because they were inputted in my head as normal vocabulary.

恵: そうですよ昔の人は、ほんとに、さりげなく入れますもんね。「そういうことやってても、漁夫の利だから」とか。言ったりするじゃないですか。
Old people surely use those words naturally in their conversations, like "But it's 'Gyofu-no-ri' (*4) " etc.

(*4 The situation where two people are fighting over one thing and the third person shows up just to swipe off the profit without a sweat.)

中原: うわぁぁ……恵さんもよく知ってるねー。
Wow... you know well about old sayings too, Megumi.

恵: (中原に) 何か好きな言葉あります? 諺でも何でもいいですけど。
(To Nakahara) Do you have any sayings or proverbs you particularly like?

中原: 「起承転結」?
"起承転結 (Kishou-Tenketsu)"?
(*5 "Introduction, Examples, Different approaches and Conclusion" Describes well organized documantations.)

恵: あー。

中原: それしか浮かばなかったのかな、どうやら?(笑 hideさんは、四文字熟語で、いっちばん最初にポンと浮かんでくるの何です?
(Laugh) It looks like that's all I could think of (Laugh). What's the first 4 kanji proverb you can think of, hide?

hide: あ、言葉でですか? よく使うのは「疑心暗鬼」とか、そういう……わりとガキガキした、音としてかっこいいのとかが好き……出てきますね。
Oh, the proverbs? The ones I use a lot are like "疑心暗鬼" (GISHIN-ANKI) (*6) or... those that sound rough and cool.

(*6 Being paranoid. The literal translation would be "To have doubts about everything to the point where you start seeing demons in any darkness".)

恵: 「彼女はいますか」?
"Do you have a girlfriend?"



(The staff in the studio LOL)

恵: …答え早いぞ。
...That was quick.

中原: いないことがおかしいじゃない!
It's weird if he doesn't!

恵: そうですよ。好きなタイプの女性は?
You are right. What's your type?

hide: タイプー、ないですけどー。
Type... I don't have any though...

恵: あ、さっき、いや先々週ぐらいに言ってましたね。「目の大きい……」って。
Oh that's right, you told us a while ago... no, about last, last week. You said, "Girls with big eyes"...
"If the god gives you a gift, what would you pick from the following?
1. A hair dye set of 72 colors
2. The right to be a 20-something girl for a year.
3. The latest model Macintosh computer.
4. You can be a kid. You'll also have a twin sister who looks exactly like you.
5. You can be a kid of "Lupin the Third". You get to see Miss. Fujiko too. *7

(*7 Lupin the Third is a Japanese cartoon show. Miss Fujiko is a girlfriend of the main character, Lupin. She's super sexy. )
If the god gives you one gift out of these five, what would you choose?"

hide: いやもう女の子になれる権ですね。(即答)
The right to be a girl, of course (immediately)

恵: ほぉ~。一年間女の子になれる権。
Really. The right to be a girl for a year.

hide: あっそびまくりますよね。
I'll ssssssleeeeeep around like a mother.

(Everybody in the studio lol)

中原: いやぁ~、hideさんね、女ってなかなか遊べないよ。
But hide, it's really really hard for a girl to sleep around, I'm telling you.

hide: うん、そうだと思うんですよ。でも、この男の感覚のまま、なんか、遊びたいじゃないですか。
I know, I can imagine that. That's why I wanna sleep around just like a guy would.

中原: わかるな。あたしも男になったらやっぱり、ガンガン行くもん。
Well, I can relate to that. If I was a guy, I would too.

恵: どうします、あのー今、女の子になれたら、今はやりのあの、何ていうんですか? スリップドレスみたいなのあるじゃないですか。ああいうの着ます?
If you could be a girl, would you wear those "slip dress" thingie that the girls today are wearing?

hide: あもうガンガン着ていきますね。ノーブラノーパンでいきます。
Oh hell yeah, I would. Without bras nor panties.

恵: ノーブラノーパンで行きますか!(笑
No bras, no panties! (Laugh)

(Laugh) That's one heck of a girl! (laugh)

恵: い~ですねぇ。でも俺もそうなるでしょうね。
I like that. I'm sure I would be like that too.

hide: もうとりあえず遊びまくりますね。
Before anything, I'd sleep around.

中原: 一応名前は秀子ちゃん?
What would be your name? "Hideko"?

(Laugh) Doesn't matter though.

恵: 好きな名前を1個選べるんです。
You can choose any name you like.

hide: あ、そうなんですか? 何にしましょうかね…じゃ、「理恵」(笑)……「理恵」にしましょーかね?……
Oh really? What should it be… Then.. I'd be "Rie". (Laugh)

中原: 理恵! バンザ~イ!(大喜び)
Rie! Yeah! (Delighted as he picks her fitst name)

恵: 良かった~。
YEAH! (Laugh)

hide: でも、遊びまくるんですよ。
Are you sure? I'll be sleeping around.

No probs!

恵: すごいんですよ、理恵ちゃん。
Rie-chan is no joke, to the point where it's not even funny, are you sure?

hide: パンツはく暇ないんですよ。
Won't even have time to put the underwears on. Are you sure?

中原: あたし「理恵ちゃん」のお友達の…あたし「秀子ちゃん」になる、じゃあ。私も脱ぐ、じゃあ。
Then I'll be "Rie"'s friend… I’ll be "Hideko" then. And I'll be naked too, then.

(Forced laugh) Ha…ha… I'm not sure about that… (Laugh)

(The staff in the studio give a forced laugh)

恵: さあ、じゃ、これをちょっと聞いてみましょう。「ソロとXJAPANのときとどっちがいいですか」?
Ok, let's ask this question next. "Which do you prefer, solo or X Japan?"

hide: んー、比較……されても、なぁ…。比較ーはできないですねぇ、基本的には。Xでいるときは、やっぱりYOSHIKIっていう屋台骨があって、あのー…、ボスがいて、だから僕基本的にXをやっていたのっていうのは結構YOSHIKIの魅力っていうのによるところがすごく大きくて、そこで結構、あの自由にギター弾いて、あのー……、ちょっと頭の、おかしいギタリストでいることがすごく楽しかったし、こっちでいるってことはすべてに関して、なんかこう目配りして、ぜんぶいろんなことやったり、例えば、こういう番組で、こうやってしゃべしてもらってることとかって……やれることも、ねぇ? 楽しいことだしっていう、なんか、比較ではないですね。
Hmmm…. It's not something to compare… I basically... can't … compare. When I was in X, there was a backbone called "YOSHIKI". There was a boss. In fact, basically the reason why I was doing X was mostly because I was attracted with YOSHIKI. It was just such a big fun freely playing the guitar in the band, being a "qoo-qoo" guitar player under the band's umbrella. On the other hand,when I'm doing solo, I take care of everything, doing all kinds of things... like... talking on a TV program like this and it's also fun, for example. So it's not something to compare.

恵: やる質が全然違うと。
So it's totally different, right?

hide: そうですね、内容も、違いますし。
That's right. What I do is also totally different.

恵: 楽しさも当然違うと。どっちがどっちとは言えないと。
Totally different kind of fun too, of course, huh? So you can't really say which is better.

hide: ええ。

中原: グループ交際と・・・単独交際みたいなもんじゃない?(笑) (恵に)また変だと思ってるのよ、私の意見を(笑 そうよね、hideさん? グループ交際の楽しみもあるじゃない。
Isn't it like "group relationship" and "one-on-one relationship"? (Laugh) (To Megumi) Hey, I know you are thinking I started saying something weird again. Ain't that right, hide? It's fun having "group relationship" too, isn't it?

恵: 輪を崩さずに盛り上げていくという・・・
Like, keeping it rocking as you make sure not to disturb the harmony in the band...

hide: 格闘技と、あのー・・・集団でやる・・・なんでしょう、スポーツとか。
Um... It's close to "marshal art match" and something like... how should I put it... "the sports you play as a team".

恵: ああ、野球とか。チームプレーと、個人技の違いという。
Ah, like baseball. It's the difference of team play and single play.

hide: 何かを成し遂げたときはみんなで分かち合えて、力もだから5分の1だったり4分の1だったりするけど、こっちは100%出して疲れる分も100%だけど、負けたときも100%だし、勝ったときも100%。
Exactly. So when we accomplished something, we all could share it together and the power we put into it was also one-fifth respectively. But in solo, I put 100% power into it, I get tired 100%. When I lose, I lose 100%, when I win, I win 100%.

(To be continued to 3rd week 2 of 3)
by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-09-02 08:34 | Japanese-English
Come and go Let me show my rocket
Come and go, baby Blow my rocket

Pretty much same ol' same ol' everyday
and you're mostly content with that, it's OK
But you just keep finding yourself looking up the sky, don't ya?

BOYS&GIRLS fully equipped with dreams
So damn funny how they manage to see how I really feel
But it's not that I'm serious, it's not that simple

No matter how many years you wait,
nothing's falling from the sky, isn't it?
You've got missiles on your chest
Carry them in your arms and let's go

Your oddly shaped rocket
High speed travel is like a flash of spark
The sun still comes up when you don't do a damn thing
ADIOS to yesterday where you were simply waiting

Let's say your engine's acting up in the middle of the trip
You can't help feeling a little empty, can you?
"Nothing's happening" means "Anything can happen"
You can go wherever you wanna go

The lofty rocket Let it blast off before it rusts
Launch it over and over again
READY? 3, 2, 1, GO!

Gotta ride it before it rusts
Blast off and you'll be a perfect rocket
Bungee-dive into somewhere out of your sight
To the universe where new stars shine

No matter how many years we wait,
we'll still be bored as hell in the middle of the universe
You've got missiles on your chest
Carry them in your arms and let's fly

Wanna fly into somewhere out of my sight
Traveling in high speed, you are a flash of spark
I can see you fly, spreading your wings
ADIOS to yesterday where you were merely waiting

To the world where new stars shine

(In blue = Originally in English)
by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-08-12 19:50 | Japanese-English
Spinning the web of lies
You have thought your tiny little world was everything
Hurting anything that comes near,
you have thought the sky was square

"I've seen everything... it wasn't such a big deal", you said...
...But I know it was also a lie

Your garish patterns looked so lonely
Bird of Paradise who usually don't mind you approached you
"Go ahead, plunder those wings of Butterfly and come up here..."
"Every wish of yours comes true over there"

Pink spider "Man, I wanna go"
Pink spider "I wish I had wings..."

Ignoring Butterfly begging for her life in your clutch
You glare at the sky
"I hurt you not because I hated you
I did this cause I didn't have wings and the sky up there was too high for me to reach..."

"Go ahead and take my wings, Spider
You don't know what it takes to keep flying, but you will see some day
You will see that you were merely flying within somebody's palm...
calling it your pathetic freedom..."

Not being able to manage flying with the wings that is not yours,
you are plunging straight down

Pink spider "It's all over now"
Pink spider "Goddamn it, I can even see the sky..."
Pink spider "Man, I failed"
Pink spider "I wish I had wings..."

Over the sky which you barely managed to glimpse,
birds fly away toward the south
"Let's fly once again with my own engine, shredding this web
Once that cloud passes over..."

Pink spider The sky is calling you
Pink spider Pink spider

A pink cloud drifts away in the sky...

(To be continued...)
by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-06-25 15:49 | Japanese-English
中原: いや、hideさんてね、浮気とかします?
But hide, do you cheat?

hide: しますっ。(即答)
(Immediately) Yes!

中原: あれっ!? 今どうだとかじゃなくて、ほら長年人生、生きてて、女の人と付き合うでしょ? 浮気する?
What!? I'm not talking about "now", I'm talking about through out your whole life. When you have a girlfriend, do you cheat on her?

hide: したことありますっ。
I have!

中原: うん、ばれたでしょ。
Ok, she found out, didn't she?

hide: えー…っと…

中原: ばれたね?
Oh yeah, she did.

hide: 破滅しましたね。
It ended as a disaster.

中原: ほらね。ばれるのよ!
See? We always find out!

恵: え、浮気がきっかけでですか?
Wait, was that because you cheated on her?

hide: え~…そうですね、はいっ。
Uuum... yes! it was.

恵: はぁ~…偉いなあ…
Wow... you are such a good man.

中原: 何が偉いのよ!
(laugh) What do you mean, "good man"?!

恵: いやいや、それは、ホント純粋な愛なんですね。
You don't understand. That's the sign of pure love, you know?

中原: そうなの? ……なーんか男の会話って難しいね。
Is it? Wow... conversations between men are hard to understand...

恵: でもね、ぜったい認めちゃいけないらしいですよ、浮気したって。
But I heard that you should never admit that you cheated.

中原: うん、それはそう。
Yes, that is correct.

恵: 言ってました、飯島愛が。
I heard that from Ai Ijima (A female celebrity).

中原: あ、あのね、それは一生忘れない言葉だから。「した」っていうのが。
Cause we'll never forget those words "Yes, I cheated on you."

恵: だからもう、目の前で現場を見つかってても、「いや、何もしてないっ」って言い張れと。渡辺正行という方がいらっしゃいまして、目の前で、その状況を見つかったんですって。女性に。ガチャって閉めて、「ちょっとこっち来て! なんなのあの女は!」「いや、何もしてない」「いや、なんかしてたじゃない」「何もしてない」「いや、もう、だって裸だったもん」「いや、大丈夫だ、入れたけど動かしてない」って言い張ったらしいです。
So even if you get caught red-handed, you have to keep saying "I haven't done anything". You know there's a guy, Masayuki Watanabe (A male actor). He got caught red-handed. By his woman. She shut the door and said, "Who the hell is she? Come over here! Who is she!" "I haven't done anything." "You were doing something" "No I wasn't." "But you were naked." "Don't worry, I was inside but didn't move it." I heard that he never gave in...

hide: (ケタケタ笑い)

恵: これもまたちょっと引いてしまったかな。(笑)ま、今の「hideさんの浮気」という事に対しての僕なりの、表現です。
Um... Did I make everybody feel awkward again...? (laugh) But this is my style of expressing what I think about the subject; "hide’s cheating".

中原: でも恵さんの浮気とhideさんの浮気は違うと思う。
But I think Mr. Megumi cheating and Mr. hide cheating is totally different.

恵: 違いますよ、全然ね。違うと思いますもん、だって。…どういう人がタイプなんですか?
Of course it is, totally. Even I think it's different. ...What is your type, hide?

hide: え……、や、タイプ……、あんまタイプないみたいですねぇ(とあたかも他人のことみたいに)。眼の大きい方が好きみたいですけどね。
Um... well, type... It doesn't seem to matter that much
(as if he's talking about somebody else)... Seems like ladies with big eyes are attractive, though.

中原: じゃお二人に聞きますけど、浮気しているとき、ね? その、彼女の……、(恵に)なにあなたうすら笑ってんの?
Ok, then I'll ask both of you. When you are cheating... what do you think about... (To Megumi) Wait a minute, what are you snickering about ?

恵: あなたhideさん呼んどいて浮気の話してるっていうのがおかしくて(笑)。
Why the heck are you talking about cheating on a girl when we have hide as our guest? (laugh)

中原: いやだってこういう話、聞けないって。
Cause you'll never have a chance to ask such a question if not asked now.

恵: そりゃそうです、ファンの人はたまんないですよね、これね。
That is for sure. I bet the fans are about to faint with joy now.

中原: 聞けないでしょ~、だって、ねぇ、hideさん?
Can't ask such a question usually... Don't you think so, hide?

hide: はい(苦笑気味)。
Agreed (with a little forced smile).

中原: その、浮気しているときは、その、ほんとの彼女の事はどういうふうに思ってるん……の?
So, what do you think about your... real girlfriend when you are cheating?

hide: どうでしたかねぇ……。んー……、や、そー……いうときは……申し訳ないって……
I wonder how I felt... mmm... in that case... I must be feeling...

中原: 忘れちゃってる?
You completely forget about her?

hide: いや、忘れちゃっ……、いや、忘れちゃってはいないでしょうけどね。後ろめたいとは思ってますでしょうねぇ。
No, I don... I don't think that she's completely forgotten. I must be feeling sorry for her.

中原: ねえ? 「ますでしょうね」だよ?
See? He said, "I must be sorry".

恵: そうでしょうね。ごめんなさいと思ってますよ、僕は、常に。
I understand. I always feel sorry for her.

hide: やっぱ気持ちいい方が勝っちゃうんですよね、そのときの気持ちに。
It's just that which ever feels better to me wins, you know? I just have to lose to my feeling at that time.

恵: そうなんですよ、で、もしくは僕はそれを踏絵としてるんですよ。「俺って奴は、こんなことして!(と自分をバシバシ叩く)……やっぱりこいつを好きになろう」
Exactly, and I consider it as some kind of torturing tool to confirm how I really feel. "Silly me, why did I do such a terrible thing! (beating himself up)... I know it now, I gotta love her", something like that.

hide: なんか、なんかわかんないですね…(Laugh)
I'm... I'm not so sure about that one though...(Laugh)

中原: わかんないでしょ?
I agree with you, hide.

恵: なんか、やったら、そういう浮気とかするといけないことしたと思うじゃないですか。で、ちょっと自分を嫌いになるじゃないですか。「なんでこんなことしちゃうんだろうな、いけない、こういうことしちゃ」って思うようにしてるんですよ。確認してるんですよ、本物は誰だって。
You feel kinda guilty when you cheat, don't you? Then, you kinda start hating yourself, don't you? So I try to think, "why do I do this, I shouldn't be doing this." I'm confirming who is real to me.

hide: (小声で)あ、なるほど。
(Inaudibly) Oh I see...

Oh, ok. ...Well, if I was a guy, I'd cheat.

恵: するでしょ?
Right? See?

中原: するする。しようよ!
Definitely. So let's cheat!

(hide、スタジオ 苦笑)
(hide and the staff in the studio give a forced laugh)

中原: ……だって、せっかく男に生まれたんだもんね。だから、……いいよ、ふたりとも。
Cause you guys were lucky enough to be born as guys. So... you two go ahead and cheat, it's ok.

hide: ……がんばります。
...I'll do my best.

恵: どうまとめてるんですか(笑)。
What kind of conclusion is that? (laugh)

中原: 「がんばります」だって(笑
And he says, "I'll do my best" (Laugh)


To be continued to the 3rd week

by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-06-24 12:57 | Japanese-English
恵: hideさん。
Hey, hide.

中原: はい。…わたしが返事してんの、「hideさん」って(笑
Yes... Oh wait, why am I responding? (laugh)

恵: あなたhideさんじゃないじゃない(笑
You are not hide, are you? (Laugh)

中原: ごめんなさい(笑
Sorry. (Laugh)

恵: 今度、オールナイトニッポン始めたっていうんですけど。
You started hosting the radio show, "All Night Nippon", right?

hide: そうですねぇ、はい。
Yes, I did.

恵: ラジオっていうのは初めてなんですか?
Is this your first time hosting a radio show?

hide: いや、初めて……ですよ。うん、はい。ゲストとかで、呼んでいただいたもの以外は。
Well, yeah, it... is. Except for some guest appearances.

恵: どうですか、しゃべることに対しては。
How do you like doing a talk show?

hide: ううん(首を横に振りながら)、もう全然わかんないです。ええ、もう、だから、もうすでに何回か流れているはずなんですけども、確認してないですね、どんなことになってんのかは。
Nah (shaking his head), I'm just completely clueless. I know it's already been aired several times but I haven't checked how things are going down.

恵: 映像がまったくなくて、マイクが1本あって、ま、もちろん、ディレクターの人とかいるんでしょうけど、これってなんか、わりとその、ラジオ聞くがわでいうと、ひとりで聞いてるじゃないですか、ラジオって、大概。で、その人とまるで電話をしてるようなね、そんな、返事のない電話みたいな感じじゃないですか。その辺ってこう、映像で見えます?
There'll be no graphics, there's only one microphone in front of you... even though there are some people like directors around you. Basically, the listeners are usually listening to it alone, right? So it'll sound to them like they are talking with the host on the phone, like phone conversations without responses. Can you picture all that?

hide: いや、なんにも、もう。
Nope, not at all.

恵: 見えないですよね?
Can't picture it, can you?

hide: 全然もう、右も左もわからないし、もう。だから、しゃべってるうちに最初、こう、なんとなく書いてくれてあるじゃないですか、台本みたいの。「こういうことをしゃべってください」みたいなのがチョロっと書いてあるじゃないですか。そういうことを、ま、しゃべんなきゃね、放送事故になっちゃうからしゃべるじゃないですか。しゃべって、どっか行き始めるんですけど、もう、今自分が現在どこのしゃべりのなかにいるのかもさっぱりわからなくなって、で、ここの、その最初のいた地点にもどってこれない……ですね。そして、そのうちにだんだんトランスに入ってきて、気持ちよくなってきちゃって(笑
I'm just helpless. Our staff writes down some instruction for me, like "Talk about this", on the paper, right? Then, if I don't talk at all, nothing will be aired so I talk about the stuff on the paper, right? Then things start going toward somewhere, but I get lost while I'm talking and can't even come back to where I started from. Then eventually I start getting kinda high like I'm in a trance (laugh).

恵: あ、わっかるなあ~、それ。
Oh man, I totally understand.

hide: で、最初はね、あのー……、ラジオ、受けたのは、レコードかけられるし、あの……、自分のプロモーションもできるし、あと好きなレコードかけられるってことがいいなぁって。「まあ、しゃべれなくても自分の好きなレコードかけときゃいいや」って。あと、三上博史さんの「チャンス!」ってドラマ、ご覧になったことあります? あれで、自分のレコードばっかかけてたときあったでしょ。それで、あとハガキが来ても、「関係ねぇ!」とかって、「バカ!」とかって言ってる。なんか、あれが理想で(笑、「そういうのやりゃいいや」とかって思ってたけど、実際はそんなわけにはいかないじゃないですか、ディレクターの方もいらっしゃれば、いろいろなことがあるから。ほいで、いろんなことやってんですけどね。曲なんてもう、最初に思ってた曲とか、もう全然、そんなのに頭行かないですもん。
When I first accepted the offer for this radio show, I just thought that it'd be cool cause I could do the promotions for my projects and play whatever the songs I like. So I was like, "I'll just keep playing the songs, it'll be fine." And do you remember the TV series "Chance" starred by Mr. Hiroshi Mikami? Remember the episode where he played nothing but his own songs? He sees the mail from the listeners which he was supposed to be reading in the show but he goes like, "I don't care!" "Go f$%k yourself!" That was my ideal (laugh), so I thought "I'll just do something like that and it'd be just fine", but in reality, things don't go that way, right? There's the director and all other stuff. So I just do this and that, can't even think about the songs I thought I wanted to play at first.

恵: やっててでも、楽しいですか?
But do you find it fun doing this?

hide: いやそんな、楽しいとかまだ、全然、なんにもわかんないです。
I can't even think about if it's fun or not. I'm that clueless.

中原: それは日本で?
Have you recorded it in Japan?

hide: 今放送されてる分は、ロサンゼルスで4本まとめて1日で録ったんですけど。いや、ここになんか、自分でなんかこの、面白みを見出していけるのかっつうのはちょっと、謎です、よね。
As for the ones aired right now, we recorded 4 of them in row in Los Angeles. But... whether I'll be able to find some kind of fun element for myself out of it, is... still a mystery, I think.

中原: でもそこを聴くのが楽しいかも、みんな。
But maybe the listeners will have fun listening to the process.

hide: いや、まだファンの人はいいじゃないですか。でもラジオだからほら、ね、タクシーの運転手の人とかも聞いてるわけじゃないですか。……ねぇ。……もっと、もうちょっと、声張ったほうがいいんですよね。
Well, it could be ok for my fans, but it's a radio show so people like cab drivers listen to it too... Right? ...I know that...I should talk a little louder.

(Staff in the studio laugh)

hide: モゴモゴモゴモゴ言って……
I always speak inaudibly so...

中原: 大丈夫、hideさんらしく行けば。
Just be yourself and it should be just fine.

恵: でもあれでしょ、夜中の1時とか2時に、例えばね、十代の、俺らもそうでしたけど、シーンとした、親も寝て、周りも近所も物音もしないようなところでこう、ラジオを聞きながら、受験勉強をしながらなのか何かわかんないけど、そういうときって、あんまりガーンって来られても……、ねぇ、「うるさい!」て思うときもあるじゃないですか。だから自然なトーンが意外によ かったりするんじゃないんですか?
But it's aired around 1 or 2 in the morning. A lot of listeners are, for example, teens. I was a listener back then too, listening to the radio while the parents are already asleep and there's no sound around you, trying to study for the exams or whatever. So, if the host was like "YEAHH!", I think they'll think "Oh shut up!", don't you think so? So just talking in the natural tone could be suitable. Don't you think?

中原: でも一人でしゃべるのって難しかったでしょ?
But wasn't it hard talking all by yourself?

恵: そっちの方が大変だと思いますよ。
I bet that was a lot harder.

hide: 難……しい……ですね。
Yes... it is.

恵: 誰にしゃべってんのやら、何にしゃべってんのやらってなりますよね。
It'll be like, "who, or what am I speaking to?" right?

hide: 盛り上げようとかねぇ、なんかつかもうとかねぇ、んなの一切考えられないからね。私の場合(笑。
In my case, I can't even think about bringing some energy to the show or saying something funny to entertain the listeners (laugh).

恵: いや、きっとhideさんて、今僕話してて思いましたけど、すごくこう、バランス感覚を持ってるから、きっとそういうことが、わかるんでしょうね。
But I think you h..., I mean, I just thought about it as I was talking with you now but... you have a very good sense of balance so I bet you just figure it out naturally.

hide: ……ダメなときは……、きっと打ち切られるから(笑、すぐわかるでしょう。
...Well, when they decide that I'm no good then they'll cancel the show so (laugh) you'll know it right away.

恵: なんかこう、やってみたいこととかあるんですか、その、オールナイトとして。今はロスでやったんでしょうけど、この先。
Do you have anything specific you wanna try in the radio show? You recorded the show in LA up until now but farther down the road.

hide: この先っていうかね……、単純に、個人的にやりたいのはね、ラジオとネットのリンクをやりたいですね。もうちょっと始めてるんですけどね。
Down the road... or it's more like what I personally wanna do, but I'm interested in linking the radio show and the internet. We actually started a little bit already though.

恵: 似たものが、なんか感じますよね、ラジオとインターネットって、もっとまあ、絵がありますけど。
Radio and internet are kind of similar, aren't they? Of course, the internet has graphics though.

hide: そうですね。本来はだから、生とかでやると、そういう感じのリアクションがあったりとかするんですけど、僕の場合、生なんかとてもじゃないけどできるわけがないので、「録り」なので、それをだから、あの、リアルタイムで、インターネットで、やれたらおもしろいかなって。
I think they are. If we could do live shows, then we'd be able to get the responses from the listeners and stuff, but there'll be no way for me to be able to handle live shows, so I thought it would be interesting doing something "real-time" on the internet instead.

恵: そうですよね。そうすっと限りなく生にね、近い状況になりますもんね。
I see your point. Then it'll be very close to live shows.


中原: でも最近、お酒を飲んでないんですって。最近飲んでないんですよね?
But I heard that you haven't been drinking that much recently. Right?

hide: 全然、飲んでないですね。
Nope, haven't been drunk at all.

恵: え、どうされたんすか?
Why? Anything happened?

hide: や、単純に飲む機会がなかっただけ。
I just simply didn't have the opportunities to drink, that's all.

中原: あー、忙しくて?
Oh cause you've been so busy?

hide: うん。飛行機で飲んだぐらいですかね。
Yeah. I drank on the air plane, that's pretty much it.

中原: こっちへ帰ってくるときに。飛行機んなかは、さすがに、そんなにたくさん飲まないでしょ?
Oh, en route to Japan, huh? I bet even hide don't drink that much on the plane, do you?

hide: や、結っ構飲みますよ、飛行機のなかは。僕、飛っ行機がほんとに嫌いだから。
Well, I drink quite a lot on the plane. Cause I reeeeally hate flying.

中原: あ、飛行機も嫌い。
You don't like flying neither, huh.

hide: 飛行機……、ていうかね、あのね、外国っていうか、外国、好きでも嫌いでもないし、行ってもいかなくてもどっちでもいいんですけど、できれば、その国から動きたくない。飛行機に乗りたくないんですよね。っていうか、……あんまり信用してないっていうか。高いところが嫌いなのもそうなんだけど。飛行機自体にあんまり信用がない。
Or more like... I don't particularly love going abroad nor hate it. I don't care if I go or not, but I just don't wanna move from the country I'm in. I just don't wanna fly in the airplane, you see? I just don't trust them that much. I'm scared of the height too, but it's more like I just don't trust airplanes.

恵: 飛行機絶対信用しない方がいいですよ。ほんとに。
You really shouldn't. For real.

中原: どして?(笑)

恵: 俺ね、広島に向ってたんですよ。そしたら、なんでも広島地帯が霧で、着陸ができないかもしれないと。で、最悪は福岡空港に着きますって最初コメントがあったんですよ。で10分ぐらいしたら、「えー、霧の状態がよくなったので、……やってみます」って。
We were heading to Hiroshima but the area around the city was covered with fog so we were told that we might not be able to land there. So the captain made an announcement that, in the worst case, we'll deter to Fukuoka Airport. Then, about 20 minutes later, he goes, "Um... the fog seems to be clearing out a little bit so... I think I'll try".

(hide、中原 爆笑)
(hide and Nakahara LOL)

恵: 「おい、機長、やってみんのかよ、今から」って10分ぐらい、やって、また全然動きがないんですよ。あー、なんか下に降りてるぞー、と思ったらまた上に上がったりしてんですよ。で、「これどうなっってんだよー」とか思ったら、また10分ぐらいしたら、「えーだめでした」(笑 そんな報告されてもねぇ。
I was like, "Hey Cap, what the heck do you mean you'll 'try' ?". Then, another 10 minutes pass by, nothing happens. When it seems like we went down a little bit, then we go up again. Then, after another 10 minutes or so, he goes, "Um... Couldn't do it." (Laugh) I was like, "What kind of announcement was that?!"

hide: (笑

中原: でも信じてあげないとかわいそうよ。
But you have to trust those poor things.

恵: や、そりゃそうですけど。
I know what you mean, but...

中原: 男女間みたいなもんで、疑ったらきりがない。
It's just like relationships. If you keep having doubts, it'll be just endless.

恵: いやいや、それとは全然違うと思いますよ。
Um, no, I think that's a totally different thing.

中原: (hideに)おんなじよね?
Same thing. (To hide) Right?

(Inaudibly) Yes. (Nods as giving a forced smile)

恵: だって塊が飛んでんですよ!鉄の。男女間とは違うじゃないですか。
But it's a chunk of iron flying! It's not like relationship at all!

中原: おんなじよ、男はどこに飛んでくかわかんないのよ。
Same thing. You never know where a man flies off to.

恵: いや、違いますよ、男はね、(hideに)男は意外にそうでもないですよね?
Na-uh! It may be surprising to you but guys aren't like that. (To hide) Ain't that right?

(Inaudibly) Right... (Nods as giving a forced laugh)

恵: 女なんですよ、そこで好きって言わないで嫌いって表現して、「できないの?」なんて言い出すじゃないですか。
It's always women. They are the ones who say "I hate you" when they are supposed to say "I love you" and then they start saying stuff like "What, you can't do it?" don't they?

中原: 誰が? 女の人?
Who? Women?

恵: ええ。作戦でありますよね、女の子は。...あれ、僕ひとりぼっちですか、今。
Yes. That's their strategy, right? ...Wait, am I alone here?

hide: いや、どっちにつきゃいいのかな~と思って。
Um...I was just thinking which side I should be on.

恵: いや、僕は、女のほうが、それ言うんだったら、飛行機だと思います。
(To Nakahara) If you say stuff like that, then it's the women who are just like airplane.

第2週 その3へ続く
To be continued to 2nd week (3 of 3)

by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-06-21 06:23 | Japanese-English
中原: hideさんて、いつ音楽をやろうと思ったんです?
When did you start thinking about playing music?

hide: 音楽は中学2年ぐらい……ですかね。
I think it was when I was in... 2nd grade of junior high school
(*4 8th grade in American school system)

中原: ギターから?
The guitar was the very first instrument?

hide: ギターからです。でも、なんか、そういう人の前に立つ、とかっていうことは、もう夢のまた夢、ぐらいに思ってましたけどね。ルックス的に、すごいデブだったから。
Yes, it was. But I thought playing in front of people was an impossible dream. Look-wise, I mean. I was really fat so...

中原: 太ってたなんて思えないでしょ?
(To Megumi) You can't imagine that he used to be chubby, can you?

恵: いつ痩せたんですか?
When did you lose weight?

hide: 高校、入ってからですね。急に。
After I enrolled in high school. Suddenly.

中原: それは、なんか、自分で「やせよう!」と思って? それとも自然に?
Was that because you tried to lose weight, or naturally?

hide: んとね、最近分かったのは、やっぱり実家の食事だったみたいですね。
Well, I found out recently but it looks like it was because of my parents' cooking.

中原: 美味しかったんだ。
Must have been good.

hide: うん、食う量と。実家にあんまりいなくなって、わりと遊び歩くようになって、家に帰らなくなったら、急にやせちゃいましたね。
Yeah, and the amount eaten. When I stopped coming home so often, playing around outside, I naturally lost weight.

中原: 中学後半ぐらいからお家にあんまりいなくなった。
You stopped coming home at end of junior high school?

hide: 高校……うん、高校入ってからですね。
High school… yeah, after I got in high school.
(*5 1st grade of high school is 10th grade in American school system)

中原: どこ行ってたんでしょう?
Where were you hanging out?

hide: あーのー、わりとあの、横須賀であのー、「ドブ板」って、知ってます? あの……わりと……
Um... you see, in Yokosuka... there's a place called "Dobu-Ita"
(*6)... Have you heard of it? It's a kind of place...
(*6 US Navy sailors call this street "Honch". It's located right across the street from Yokosuka US Naval Base.)

恵: 「ジュピター」っていう、横浜銀蝿の衣装作ったとこ。
There's a store called "Jupiter" there. They created stage costumes for rock'n'roll bands.

hide: (笑)そうそう、そこの米軍の兵隊さん相手のストリートがあって、そこにわりと入り浸ってましたね。
(laugh) Right, right. That's a street with lots of stores for the US Navy sailors. That's where I used to hang out a lot.

中原: もうそのときからお酒飲んでた?
Were you already drinking there?

hide: そこで、あの、お酒も女も煙草も、そこで全部覚えましたね。
...Drinking, girls, smoking, learned everything there.

中原: じゃそのドブ板に行ってた頃って、ついこのあいだまではモリモリうちでご飯食べてた秀人が……お母さんやお父さん、なんて言いました?
So, "Lil Hideto" who was eating dinner like a champion yesterday is now hanging out in Dobu-Ita street... what did your mom and dad say?

hide: まあ、怒られたりとか……、しましたけどね。ただ、だから、やっぱり、家庭内ロックを聴いてたわけですよ。そいで、そこのドブ板に行くと、どの店からも自分の部屋で聴いてるロックが爆音でかかってくるんですよ。もうただただそこの世界をのぞきたくて、なんかこう、こういう感じで(おどおどさぐる感じで)、自分なりに怖かったんですけど、そこ行くようになって。そのうちに知り合いができて、で、そこの知り合いのヤツらとバンド組むようになって。で、入り浸っていくようになって。
Well... I... got in trouble though. But up until then, I was just listening to rock music in my room, right? But when I went to Dobu-Ita, I could hear the same kind of music blasted out from any stores around. All I wanted to do was just taking a glimpse of the world there. I was a little scared at first, acting all jumpy and everything, but stepped in there. Then I made some friends there, then formed a band with them, then ended up almost living there.


中原: でもやっぱりhideさんね、私、あのギター持ってる姿、やっぱかっこいいねぇ。
But hide, you look so cool holding the guitar.

hide: あ。ありがとうございます……
Oh. Thank you... so much.

中原: 身体の一部だもんね、ギターが。パッと持ったとき。……ギターじゃなきゃいけなかったのかな、やっぱり。あれは運命的な楽器なのかな?
It's like a part of your body when you take it in your hands. Did it have to be the guitar? Was it like a destiny?

hide: あんね、今でこそソロで歌やってるじゃないですか。だけどね、あのー……、ロック始めたときに、ただのリスナーのときはね、僕、ヴォーカリストになるパーソナリティの人間っていうのが非常に嫌いだったの。そういうでしゃばりの人間で、そんなね、目立ちたがり屋の人間にね、まともなやついないぐらいに思ってて、ヴォーカリストっていうものに、絶対自分はもう、ほんっとに関係ない、遠ーくのほうにいて、僕はその横に立ってて寡黙に弾いているギタリストの姿に、一番魅力を感じてね、それでギタリストになりたかったんですよね。
Um, you know, now that I'm solo, I sing, right? When I was just a listener of rock'n'roll... when I first started listening to it, I really really hated the type of people who become singers. I believed that they thought, "Look! It's all about me!" and they must have been the type who don't have any kind of decency. That's why I got attracted with the ones who have nothing to do with singing, waaaaay far away from it; the guitar players who stand right beside the singer, just quietly playing, without saying a word.
So right now, I can't believe myself singing these songs, which are not even worth paying for, in front of the audience, opening and shutting my mouth as if I'm a fish or something.

中原: でもその寡黙なギタリストが好きでいたhideさんも、とっても素敵だし、かと言って、「人前でパクパク」っていうのは、あの、すごい、なんていうの? 芸術家っぽいわよ、hideさんって。あの、ヴォーカリストっていうよりも、芸術家。
But hide who plays the guitar quietly is so cool but also you can "open and shut the mouth like a fish in front of audience"... It's like... how can I put it, you are the artist-type, you know? You are not a singer, an artist.

恵: でも、そう思ってたわけですよね? それがこう、どっかで変わったんですか、やっぱり。
So you didn't like singers at first, right? Have you changed your mind somehow?

hide: このソロっていうのを始めるまで僕、自分の歌っていうのは聴いたことなかったんですよ。……そう。で、ソロで契約して、さあって「何やろう」って……、別にギターだけでレコード作ってもよかったんですけどね、なんか「そんなレコード……欲しくないよな」とかって思って。自分の好きなギタリストの方もやっぱりその人の、その人なりの歌を歌ってギターで自分の曲を作って、作られてる人だとか、かっこいいレコードがすごいあったんで、結構そういうのをやっぱり見て、やっぱり「こういうレコードを作りたい」って。なんかこの、なりの、自分なりの、なんかその、歌を楽器と思い、なんかその、自分の曲に乗せていくのを作っていこう、っていうふうに思ってから、やってみたんですよね。
Before I started my solo career, I had never heard myself sing. Then, when I contracted for my solo project, I thought "Now what? What should I do?" And I could have made an album with nothing but guitar playing. But then again, I thought to myself, "Would I go and buy such an album? …Nah, I don't think so."
Even my favorite guitar players made albums with singing in his own style and composing his own music on the guitar. There were many records like that, which were real cool. When I saw stuff like that, I thought "I wanna make an album like this". So I just wanted to do it in my own style, like, thinking my voice is a musical instrument. After I started thinking that way, I decided to go ahead and try.

中原: 結構いいでしょ!
And don't you think singing is not that bad?

hide: いい…いい…いい…いいと思ったから出してるんですけどね(笑 まぁ、自分で大きな顔して「俺の歌を聴け」とは言えないけども、自分の声は楽器だと思ってますよね。結構融通のきかない楽器だと。
Not bad... not... not... not bad... I wouldn't have released the album if I thought it was no good, of course. (Laugh) But I don't mean to say, "Hey, here's my song, so you guys just shut up and listen!" you know? I just think my voice is also a musical instrument. A very inflexible musical instrument.

恵: でも、血が通ってるもんですもんね。
Cause it has life in it (so of course it's inflexible).

hide: うーん。……なんかね、でもね、俺が言うとなんか、逃げてるようで嫌ですね(笑
Yeah... I guess. But if I say that myself, it would sound like I'm making excuses... Don't you think so? (Laugh)

恵: そうですかぁ?
Think so? I don't know.

hide: うん。……どっちかというと、うん、楽器だと思ってます。
Yes...I think my voice is more like a musical instrument.

(ever free)

第2週 その2へ続く
To be continued to 2nd week (2 of 3)

by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-06-20 05:27 | Japanese-English
(In LA)

hide: えー本日は、カリフォルニアの青い空にも恵まれて、とても清々しい日だと思います。ご覧ください、この青い空を。……(苦笑)エルニーニョのおかげで何も、何も見えません。
Um... Hello. Blessed with this blue sky of California, I think it's such a lovely day today. Please take a look at this blue sky above us... (Forced laugh) Thanks to El Nino, can't see a damn thing in the sky.

So, I live right beneath here, but it's not a good place to actually shoot with the camera so I drew the layout of my room here. I hope yall will be happy with it. (showing the layout) Um... like this... well, it's nothing fancy. Around here (pointing at living room) I'll be just lying down and being lazy all day everyday. And around here (pointing at the TV), I'm watching the comedy videos I rent. (showing the photos) Well, it's nothing special but, it's um... my bathroom, see? In here, I wash my "oh-my-god-here-there-and-wow-even-there", if you know what I mean.

I used to do most of the recordings here at my place too, but... um... I started receiving a lot of complaints. When we hit the drum once like "Bang!", then somebody replies with "Bang, bang!" Then When we hit it twice like "Bang, bang!" they reply with "Bang, bang, bang, bang!" Then they eventually started setting the alarm off so I ended up renting another place near here only for recording purpose. So right now, (showing another photo) my working room has nothing but these speakers.
So today... um, well, pretty much all I do here in Los Angeles is nothing but just going back and forth between my place and the studios, so all I know is merely within this 50 meters radius, but if you say it's still fine, then I'll be your guide. Alright then, let's go.

(LA行動エリアマップ お散歩コース)
(LA hide’s active area map-His walking course)

hide: この辺はですね、今住んでるところの近所くらいなんですけど、この辺こうやってプラプラ歩いているぶんにはなーんてことなくて、昼間ってこともあるんですけど、わりと夜ぐらいになっても、女子供が一人歩きしてもそーんなに、なんか危険な香りしないんですよね。
This area around here is right near my place. It's just nice and peaceful walking around here. Of course it's day time right now, but even at night, it's not too dangerous for women and children to walk around here alone.
As for the place I used to live, I'd see somebody ducking on the ground with a shotgun pointed at his head at least twice a week (laugh) and then... there was the incident that made me decide that I had enough and it was time to move... One morning, it was real noisy next door so I opened the window. And what I found was those guys you see in the movie "Back Draft" in firefighter suites, cutting down the roof of the house next door with chainsaws (laugh).

ほいで、となりの屋根、ボーボー燃えてて、「こーらいかん!」って、……この人ね(道端に立ってる黒いジャージのおっさんをさりげなく示しつつ)、結構、この町の人気者。いっつも踊ってる(笑 で、いつも踊ってて、毎日踊ってて、カセット持って踊ってんだけど、この人でもね、ホント雨の日風の日問わず365日踊ってる……、何の話だっけ?
And the roof of the next door was on fire and I was like "Oh shit!" then... oh yeah, this guy (pointing at the guy in a black hoodie), he's kinda popular around here. He's dancing all the time, he dances everyday, carrying a boom box. Rainy days, windy days, doesn't matter to him, 3-65, dancing... and... what was I talking about?


hide: (『D.O.D.』のように)酒持ってこーい!
……普段は……あのー、ほとんど和食ですね。日本の食品のスーパーとか行けばたいていのものはあるので、ほんとだから、白メシに、味噌汁に、焼き魚に、わさび…・・・あの、わさび漬? とか、納豆、とかそういうもんをほとんど食ってるんで日本にいるとき以上になんか、日本食ですね。カルシウムいっぱい摂ってるなあって感じが、しますよね。
(As if in his song, "D.O.D.") "Gimmie my goddamn alcohol!! (Sake motte koi!!)"
...Um, usually... most of the time I eat Japanese food. You can find pretty much anything when you go to the Japanese supermarket. So usually, I'm eating stuff like white rice, miso soup, grilled fish, wasabi... wasabi-zuke
(*3)? ...And fermented beans.
I think, when I'm over here in LA, I eat more Japanese food... I can tell that I'm taking lots and lots of calcium, you know.

(*3 White pasty food that contains pieces of wasabi [Japanese horse radish]. Eaten with hot steamed rice.)


第2週 その1 へつづく
To be continued to 2nd week (1 of 2)...

by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-06-17 13:52 | Japanese-English
中原: 頭蓋骨骨折と、足でしょ。
You broke your skull and also your foot, right?

恵: ね、どーしたんですか?
Seriously, what on the earth happened?

hide: 去年はね……、去年はだから、ひどい年だったんですよね、年のせいにしちゃうけど。いやもう、春ぐらいにね、酔っ払ってて……、あのー……、滑ったんだよね、結局。滑ったんだけど結構泥酔してたから、そのまま切り返せなくて、そのままガーンつって倒れて、アスファルトにここ(右こめかみのちょっと上あたり)ぶつけたのね。
Oh man, the last year... The last year was just terrible. I blame this whole thing on me merely having bad luck through out the year.
See, it was around spring time, I was drunk and... to make a long story short, I kinda slipped. I slipped, but I was a little too heavily drunk to keep the balance and fell like "boooom!" and bumped my head right here (Just above his right temple) on the black top.
I came home and I was just lying on the bed for about 2 days thinking that this hang over just doesn't go away. But everything is spinning around. I finally started getting the idea that something was wrong so I went to the doctor. At first the doctor wasn't really taking me seriously cause I smelt like alcohol. But after they took the X-ray, he came to me and said, "Okyaku-san!"
(*2), er... not "Okyaku-san" (laugh)
(*2 "sir". But you get approached as "Okyaku-san" only when you are a "customer" at a store, never as a "patient" in hospital)

中原: 患者さん。
You mean, "Kanja-san"
(*3 Also "sir", but only when you are a "patient" in hospital.)

hide:「患者さん、大変っすよ! 割れてますよ!」「空気入ってますよ!」「血ィ溜まってますよ!」とか言って。ここに、血……(頭のうしろのほう)
"Kanja-san, you're in a serious trouble, it's cracked!" "Some air got inside!" "Got a pool of blood in there!" ...Blood, around here...(the back of his head)

恵: うわっ!

hide: そんでそのまま……
And then...

中原: 入院。
Got hospitalized.

hide: 入院……「入院して欲しいんですけど、ベッドないから」っつって帰されて(笑)、で、それからまた別なとこ行って、1ヶ月入院してたんですけどね。
Hospitalized...They said "We hope you could stay here, but we are out of bed..." Then they sent me home (laugh). So I went to some other hospital and was hospitalized there for a month.

恵: はぁー。

hide: そうこうしてたら、去年の、なんだ、年末ぐらいは……やっぱり同じぐらいの、あ、違うわ、やっぱり酔っ払ってて、なんかね、車のボンネットの上に乗ってたらしいんですけどね。そっからね、飛び降りたときに裸足だったらしくて、ほいで、ポンって飛び降りたら、次の日立ち上がれなくて。カカトの骨が折れてて。
And then, what was it, it was about the end of last year, it was about the same... no it wasn't, I was drunk again, and it seems like I was on top of the hood of a car. And when I jumped off of it, it looks like I was bare-footed. I jumped off like "boing!", then I couldn't stand up next day... cause my heel was broken.

恵: 無茶しますね、ホントに!!
Can't believe how reckless you are!!

(Everybody in the studio LOL)

恵: 今一番興味があることって、なんですか?
What are you interested in the most right now?

hide: 一番興味あるのは、インターネット、ですかねぇ。僕、自分のホームページがあって、わりとお客さんというか、来てくれた人がダイレクトにeメールくれたりとか。
What I'm interested in the most right now is... I think it's internet. I have my own web site and people who visit there directly send me email and stuff.

中原: ホームページのタイトルは?
What's the title of the web site?

hide: ええと、あの…そう、ですね……
Um... Well... let me see...

中原: 秘密?
Is that a secret?

hide: いや、全然秘密じゃないですよ、hideで検索してくれると出てくる。「PSYENCE A GO GO」っていう。
Nah, not at all, just try searching for "hide" and you'll find it. It's called "PSYENCE A GO GO".

中原: あたしそういう機械系だめなのよねー。留守番電話もできない。
I'm really not good at those mechanic type of thingies. I can't even use answering machines.

恵: ああ、そうですか。それは最悪ですよ。(笑)
Wow, is that so? That is worse than the worst (laugh)

(スタジオ 爆笑)
(Everyone in the studio LOL)

中原: インターネットったって、ギターはやらなきゃいけない、飲まなきゃいけない、インターネットする時間あります?
But you do the internet, have to play the guitar, gotta drink... Do you really have time for the internet?

hide: 結構ね、泥酔して帰っても、ネットとかだけはね、eメールとかの、あれだけは必ずやってるみたいですね。
I hear that, no matter how drunk I am when I come home, I never forget to get on my computer and do some internet and email stuff.

中原: あのね、私ね、実はhideさんにね、言おう言おうと思ってた事があって。...hideさんのソロコンサートをある日見に行きました。そこで私は、hideさんのすっごい素敵なところを見つけちゃったたの。
Hey listen, I have one thing I really wanted to tell hide. I went to see hide's solo concert one day and discovered a very beautiful side of him.

恵: どんなところですか?
Like what?

中原: それはね、そのときのhideさんの髪の毛の色は、赤でした。赤で、ガーッってやってます、ステージで。ところがひょっとしたときに、ファンで、4歳ぐらいの男の子かな、がね、なんかhideさんとかかわる瞬間があって、そのときのhideさんの子供への接し方。あたし胸がキュンとしたもん。わかる?
You see, at that time, his hair was red. With the red hair, he was performing like he's going crazy, on the stage. But one moment, there was a chance for a little boy who looked to be about 4 or so to have some conversations with hide. And the way hide approached this boy... it was just too heart-warming.

恵: ふーん。どんな感じで、接したんですか?
Really. How did he approach him?

中原: あのね、やっさしいの。「大人子供」っていうかかわり方じゃなくて、なんか……「男同士」っていうかな、4歳の子に対して、っていう。
Well, he was just sooo sweet. It's not like "I'm an adult, you are a kid" kind of attitude. It was more like... kinda like "man to man". To a 4 year old boy.

恵: その4歳の子がコンサートに来てるって状況が、また素敵ですよね。
A 4 year old boy coming to the concert is simply just beautiful, isn't it.

中原 :「ヒッデーッ!」って言ってたもの。ああいうところは、すっごい日本人なのね。ところがどこに出しても、…
Oh yeah, the boy was screaming like, "hideeeee!" I think that was hide's Japanese side, no matter where he goes in the world...

恵: でもそれは、わりとこう、日本人ってことじゃなくて、hideさんの人柄でしょ。
But that's more like hide's personality, not nationality, isn't it?

中原: いいこと言うねー。そういう事言いたかったの、私。ありがと!
You put it very nicely. That's exactly what I wanted to say. Thanks!

(スタジオ 笑)
(Everyone in the studio laugh)


中原: 好きですか、子供動物系。
Do you like them? Children and animals?

Yes, I do. Children, animals... except for bugs.

中原: あっ、虫、嫌いなのに、でもなんか撮影で虫使ったでしょ。
But you used bugs in the video, while you hate them.

hide: 撮影で、虫使いましたね。体中に、なまゴキブリ。
I sure did, at the video shooting. Real roaches all over my body.


中原: そう! らしいの。
Yup! I heard about it.

hide: 200匹……、かなんか。
200...or so

恵: それ、何ですかそれ。
What the heck is that?

hide: それはねぇ、なんか、また別なプロジェクトやってて、それのプロモーション撮りんときにね、監督が「オムツはくか……
I've got another project going on, and when we were shooting the video for it, the director asked me, "Either wearing a diaper or..."

中原: オムツ!?

hide: うん。「オムツをはくか、ゴキブリ身体くっつけるか、どっちにする?」っつって僕はゴキブリ取ったんです。他のメンバーはオムツ取ったんだけど。
Yeah. "You can pick whichever you like, either wearing a diaper, or sticking roaches on your body". So I picked roaches. Other members chose diaper though.

恵: いや、そうでしょうね。
Well, of course!

hide: おれは「オムツはくぐらいだったらゴキブリの方がいい」って言って。
I said "I'd rather choose roaches than wearing a diaper."

恵: すごいわそれ。
That's crazy.

hide: ハリウッドのゴキブリだから、映画とかで使うゴキブリだから、台所のゴキブリじゃないから、きれいはきれいなんだけど。
They are roaches from Hollywood. They are bred for filming purposes so they are not like those you see in the kitchen. They are clean, but...

恵: あ、じゃ、まあ役者なんですね、一応。
Oh so they are actors in some way.

中原: ハリウッドゴキブリ。
Hollywood roaches.

hide: でも、ゴキブリだよ、もう、見た目リアルで。それがね、身体にね、あの、みつ……みつあめ?
But they are roaches though. They look just like real roaches. And then they put some... st... st... syrup?

中原: みずあめ?
Starch syrup?

hide: 水あめをね、僕身体に塗って、裸で、それでゴキブリを、あの、A面、A面、A面の方をこっちにくっつけて……
Starch syrup. I coated my body with starch syrup, naked, then you know, the "A" side, the "A" side... the "A" side of roaches...

中原: A面って(笑)、裏側、あの、腹?
What you mean, "A" side? (laugh) You mean, belly?

恵: あ、背中、背中をこうつけて。
Oh, the back, you put the back of roaches like this.

hide: 背中をつけて、B面がこっちに向くようにして。で、みんな、こうなってる(手をバタバタさせてゴキちゃんのマネ)。
Stick the back against me, "B" side up. So they are all like this (flapping his hands as if they are the legs of roaches).

恵: ああ、なるほどお腹が見えるように。
I see. So that you can see the belly.

hide: そうそうそうそう。で、顔に全部くっつけて、身体にも全部くっつけて。……ほいで、ずーっと立って撮影してたんですよ。
Right right right. Then, I had all of them on my face, all of them on my body. Then, I was just standing there through out the shooting.

中原: でも、虫が嫌いなんでしょ?
But you can’t stand bugs, right?

hide: ゴキブリなんてもう、俺ゴキブリがいたら引っ越すもん。
Roaches are unacceptable. If I see one in my room, I'll move.

中原: あたしも! あたしね、掃除機捨てたもん。吸って。
Me too, me too! I threw away a vacuum cleaner once, cause I sucked one.

hide: そそそ、わかるわかるわかるわかる。それでね、くっつけたんですよ。で、気合の入ったやつは飛んでくんですよ、そっからでも。で、みんな見てるじゃない。見てるけど、みんなどんどん逃げてくのよ。で、ガサガサガサガサ…って、僕、僕から発信されていくんですよ、その、ゴキブリたちが(笑。
Exactly! I know, I completely understand. And I got roaches all over me, but the ones with some strong spirit still fly away from me, you know. Then, everybody's looking at me. Everybody's looking, but everybody's running away. Then, the bugs are like "bzzzzzzzz"... like I'm transmitting them (Laugh)

恵: 発信基地になってるんですね。
Like you are the roach transmission base.

hide: でも、良かったのはね、身体にくっつけてるから、見えないのよ、そいつらが、一切。こうやってやってやって(直立不動)、僕、自分の身体見ないようにしてたから、絶対見たら俺もう倒れちゃうと思ったから。
But the only one good thing about it was that I couldn't see them myself because they were on my body. I was standing like this (as if standing at attention) trying not to look at my body cause I knew I was gonna pass out if I see them.

恵: なんでオムツにしなかったんですか!
Why the heck didn’t you pick diaper then?!

(People in the studio LOL)

hide: いや、オムツはくぐらいなら俺、絶対ゴキブリのほうがいいよ。
Hell no, I still think roaches are much better than diaper.


中原: あたしオムツとる。…オムツはいてゴキブリなんつったら、死んじゃうでしょ。
I'd choose diaper. I know you'll just die if it was "wearing a diaper and roaches", don't you?

hide: それは、(笑)、それ今までやってきたことが何だったんだってことになっちゃうからね。
Oh hell (laugh)... Everything I've been doing will turn into dust then.

恵: あ、オムツはそんなに嫌ですか。
Oh so you really, really don't wanna wear diaper, huh?

hide: オムツはー……、イヤだよね。……あと、もうちょっとたったら考えるけど。そのときはゴキブリのほうがまだいいと思ったの。で、ゴキブリね、口の中とか入れさせられたのね。で、ゴキブリをね、最初、口に、監督が入れたときは、その、何だあの、前を、前をね、こう向けて、入れたらね、誰かが「ダメだ!」っつって。「うしろにしないと!」って言うんですよね。じゃないと、ゴキブリがね、びっくりして……
Diaper... No, I don't wanna wear diaper... Maybe a little later down the road. But at that time, I thought that roaches were better.
They even put the bug in my mouth. When the director first tried to do it, he tried to... what is it... front... yeah, he tried to put it in my mouth, front first. Then, somebody said "No!" He was like, "Gotta do it from the back!" or the roach will be shocked and...

恵: 中に入ってっちゃう。
It'll go down inside.

hide: うん、中に行っちゃうんだって。
Yup, they said it'll go down inside.

中原: いやぁー!もうー!
Nooo! Stop it!

hide: でもう、「ダメだぁー」!って。
So, they were like "No! Can't do that!"

To be continued to (3 of 3)...

by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-06-16 11:55 | Japanese-English
Red: Rie Nakahara (Female interviewer)
Green: Toshiaki Megumi (Male interviewer)
Blue: hide
Black: Others and annotations

中原: 今夜のロケットパンチ、ゲストはhideさんです。
Welcome to Rocket Punch. Tonight's guest is hide.

恵: よろしくおねがいしまーす!
Hi. Glad to have you on our show.

hide: よろしくお願いします。
Hi, glad to be here.

So you just came back from Los Angeles, right?

hide: 帰り……ですね。4日ぐらい前ですね、もどって参りました。
Um... yes, came... back... about 4 days ago.

中原: 今、時差、ちょっと、厳しいですね?
So you got some serious jet-lag now?

hide: 全然わかんないです、よく。
I can't even tell what time it is now.

中原: ねー? 恵さん、ロス行ったことあります?
I see. Mr. Megumi, have you been to Los Angeles?

恵: えーとねぇ、ないです。
Um... nope.

中原: OK。…ないんですって。
OK! ...He hasn't.

(恵、スタジオスタッフ 苦笑)
(Megumi and the staff in the studio give a forced laugh)

恵: 僕ね、海外自体あんまりないんですよ、行ったこと。
I just don't go overseas that much.

中原: ねー、この業界にいながら少ないんですよ、恵さん。
I know! ...and he's supposed to be a celebrity.

恵: この業界にいながらハワイに行ったことがないんですよ。ハワイ行ったことあります?
I'm supposed to be a celebrity but I haven't even been to Hawaii. How about you, hide? Have you been to Hawaii?

hide: いや、ハワイ、小学校4年生ぐらいのときに。
Well, Hawaii... Yes, I have. When I was in 4th grade or so.

恵: えーっ!!

hide: でも、一人でいかされたんですよ。
But they made me go alone.

中原: ええっ!

恵: 何でですか?

hide: なんかほら、あるじゃない、子どものときに、情操教育だかなんだか知んないけど、独り立ちできるようにって、子供だけ行かせるツアーで、小学校4年生のときに、カナダとロサンゼルスとハワイに、なんか1ヶ月ぐらいね、おっぽり出されたことあるんですよ。
Never heard of it? "Sentiment Education" or whatever they call it. They have a tour only for kids so we can grow to be independent or whatever.
And my parents threw me out there, in Canada, Los Angeles and Hawaii, for about a month.

恵: え、それ、あれですか、カナダはバンクーバーとか行ったんじゃないですか?
Wait, is that the tour that takes you to Vancouver, Canada?

hide: そう。

恵: エリザベス公園とか。
And Elizabeth Park?

hide: うーん、覚えてないけど。
Hmmm... don't remember that much though.

恵: そいでロス行って、ディズニーランドみたいなとこも見たりして。
And then you go to LA and see Disney Land and stuff.

hide: うーん、見たのかなぁ……、あんまり覚えてないんだけどねぇ。
I... could have... I really don't remember that much.

中原: 何で、行ってないのに詳しいの?
How do you know so much about it when you weren't even there.

恵: いや、僕もそれ行ったことあるんですよ。
Actually, I've been on that tour.

中原: えっ! じゃあすごいじゃない。何でいったの?
What?! Oh my, isn't that something?! How?

恵: 僕もおんなじやつだと思いますよ。
I think it's the same tour.

hide: え、子供だけの?
Wha... you mean the one only for kids?

恵: 子供だけの。
Only for kids.

hide: ウソ。
Get out.

恵: それ、たぶん上野動物園にパンダが来た年ですよね?
It was the year when the pandas came to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo for the first time... wasn't it?

hide: ……覚えてないけど(笑
I'm not sure... don't remember though (laugh)

恵: 覚えてないですか。
You don't remember?

(Everybody in the studio LOL)

(With a forced laugh) I really don't remember... though!!

中原: ちなみにですね、このお二方、同い年。
By the way, these two are the same age.

恵: 同い年なんですよね、今お話してたら。
Yeah, we just found out, as we were chatting, that we are the same age.

hide: おんなじ…… おんなじツアーだったりしてね(爆笑
It could have been... could have been exactly the same tour (LOL).

恵: おんなじツアーだったりして、マジでマジで。
Could have been, for real.

中原: 結構、知り合いだったりして。
You guys could have known each other.

恵: それ、全国から集まりました?
Were the kids from all over Japan?

hide: そう、全国から集まった。そうそうそう。
Yep, from all over Japan. Yep, yep, yep.

恵: これは、一緒かもしれません、これ、マジな話。
This, for real, could be the same tour.

hide: 何、カナダとロサンゼルスとハワイ?
Wait, wait, was it Canada, Los Angeles and Hawaii?

恵: カナダ・ロサンゼルス・ハワイです。
Yes indeed, Canada, Los Angeles and Hawaii.

hide: アハハハ、同じじゃねーの。
Holy s$%t (laugh), this seriously could be the same damn tour.

恵: これ、一応ね、ホントは僕、実は誰にも言ってないんですよ。ハワイに行ったことないってことにしてるんですけど、実はね、小学校4年くらいのときに行ったことあるんですよ。
I've never told this to anybody through out my whole life. I'm telling everybody that I've never been to Hawaii, but actually I've been there when I was in 4th grade.

中原: いやあ、狭いわねえ。
Wow, look how small the world is!

恵: それで、なんか同じ色のジャケットとか着て……
Didn't we have to wear the same color jacket?

hide: そうそうそう…… そうそうそうそうそうそうそう!(笑)そうよ!!
Right, right right... RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT!! (Laughs, standing up from the couch) You're damn right!!

(スタジオ 大爆笑)
(Everybody in the studio ROFL)

恵: おい、まじかよー!僕これね、人生のね、記憶から消してたんですよ。
Can't believe this! You know, I've kinda erased this memory long time ago.

hide: 夜中にさあ、夜中さあ、あのー、泊まってるとこで、おにぎり売りにこなかった?
You know, at night... at night didn't they come where we were staying to sell some rice balls?

(Immediately) They sure did.

hide: ものすごい高いおにぎり。で、2つとか3つぐらいしか入ってないおにぎりなんだけど。
They were so damn expensive, and they were like, only 2 or 3 in one package.


恵: どこがいいんですか、ロサンゼルスっていうのは。
So, what's so good about Los Angeles?

hide: っていうかね、べつにね、行かないんだったら、行きたかないんですよね、べつに。単純にあのー、僕、集中力ないんですよ。あとー、あのー、なんでしょう、飲みのお誘いとかあると、何やっててもなんか出かけて行っちゃうから(笑
It's not that I particular like it over there... If I don't have to go, I really don't wanna go. But I'm simply not so good at concentrating. When somebody calls me and invites me to some drinking party, I always drop whatever I'm doing and go out, so... (Laugh)

中原: 飲むのよ!
Oh yes, he does drink!

hide: ロスにいるとね、あのー、遮断されるからいいなぁっていうのと、あと、音の抜けがいいのと、いいスタジオがあるのと、友達が、あの、エンジニアの友たちとかが、やっぱりいい人達がいるんで、そっちでやってんですけどね。
So when I'm in LA, I'll be locked away from it so that's what's good about being there. And also musical instruments sound good in the dry air of LA. There're some good studios over there. Also, I have good engineer friends. There are good people over there. These are pretty much the reasons why I do my recordings in Los Angeles.

恵: 物を作る状況として、非常に、自分に適していると。
So it's a very good environment for you to create stuff, huh?

hide: もうほんとそれだけ。生活とかそういうのにはもう、不便極まりないし。やっぱりあのー、一家に一台じゃないですもんね、車。一人に一台の世界だし、2時になるとお酒取り上げられちゃうし。
Exactly. That's all it is. Everything else is inconvenient as hell, like daily life. It's not even "one car per a family", it's "one car per a person". And they take your alcoholic drinks away when it strikes 2 in the morning.

恵: ええっ!

hide: 飲んでても持ってかれちゃうんですよ。で僕、お酒好きだけど、べつに酒自体よりもつるんで飲んでて、そんでそのまま「次行こうぜ」っていうのが好きだから、「次行こうぜ」がないから、結構、辛いですよね。
They don't give a damn if you are still drinking it. I like drinking, but it's not that I particularly like alcoholic drinks themselves. I like bar-hopping with my friends, saying "Heeey, let's go to the next bar!" so it's kinda hard for me when I can't do this "Let's-go-to-the-next" thing.

恵: 一瞬、ロサンゼルスなんてすごい開放的で、なんか朝まで盛り上がっている雰囲気ありますけど。意外に厳しいんですね。
I thought Los Angeles was such an "open" city and everybody was having parties till the break of dawn. Never knew that they were so trict.

hide: とんでもないですね。厳しいですよ。
It ain't like that at all, they actually are real strict.

中原: hideさん、どれくらい飲みます?
hide, how much do you drink?

hide: あのぉ……、いや、飲むときは……すごい飲むらしいっすよ。
Um... Well..., I hear that I drink like a fish... when I really drink.

中原: じゃ、今までに最高飲んだ量は?
So how much have you drunk when you drank the most in your whole life.

hide: や、最高飲んだ時はまるで覚えてない……(苦笑
Well, when I drank the most in my whole life, I didn't remember a thing...(forced laugh)

中原: 一升瓶でいうと2本とか、それぐらい?
If you count with "1 shou" (*1) bottle, how many? Like, may be 2 or so? )

(*1 shou = approx. 1.8 litters)

Oh if it's Sake... I used to drink 2 shou or so...

中原: ひとりで?
All by yourself?

hide: ひとりじゃないですけど、友達と2人で。
Not all by myself though. With my friend, two people involved.

恵: 向こうにいるときは、日本酒とかあるんですか?
Do they sell Sake over there in LA?

hide: 日本酒、あのー、日本から来るときに、みんな持ってきてくれたりとか、するから。
Sake... When people come to LA, they always bring some from Japan for me.

恵: 日本酒好きですか。
So Sake is your favorite?

hide: うん、日本酒……好き。
Yup, Sake... is my favorite.

恵: はあ~、ロスで日本酒。
What a life... Having Sake in LA...

hide: 俺ね、日本酒とね、ワインとね、ビールぐらいしか、飲めないですよね。
But hey, all I can drink is Sake, wine and then beer. That's pretty much it.

恵: いや、ま、それだけ飲めりゃね、(笑)十分ですよ。
Um... well I think that's more than enough (laugh)

(スタジオ 苦笑)
(Everybody in the studio give a wry laugh)


To be continued to (2 of 3)...

by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-06-10 07:40 | Japanese-English