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by rosa_hi-ho
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"Pink Spider" (from hide's 3rd solo album "Ja, Zoo") -Translated by khaluah-

Spinning the web of lies
You have thought your tiny little world was everything
Hurting anything that comes near,
you have thought the sky was square

"I've seen everything... it wasn't such a big deal", you said...
...But I know it was also a lie

Your garish patterns looked so lonely
Bird of Paradise who usually don't mind you approached you
"Go ahead, plunder those wings of Butterfly and come up here..."
"Every wish of yours comes true over there"

Pink spider "Man, I wanna go"
Pink spider "I wish I had wings..."

Ignoring Butterfly begging for her life in your clutch
You glare at the sky
"I hurt you not because I hated you
I did this cause I didn't have wings and the sky up there was too high for me to reach..."

"Go ahead and take my wings, Spider
You don't know what it takes to keep flying, but you will see some day
You will see that you were merely flying within somebody's palm...
calling it your pathetic freedom..."

Not being able to manage flying with the wings that is not yours,
you are plunging straight down

Pink spider "It's all over now"
Pink spider "Goddamn it, I can even see the sky..."
Pink spider "Man, I failed"
Pink spider "I wish I had wings..."

Over the sky which you barely managed to glimpse,
birds fly away toward the south
"Let's fly once again with my own engine, shredding this web
Once that cloud passes over..."

Pink spider The sky is calling you
Pink spider Pink spider

A pink cloud drifts away in the sky...

(To be continued...)
by rosa_hi-ho | 2007-06-25 15:49 | Japanese-English