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"Rocket Punch"(May 1st, 1998) Interview, 2nd week (1 of 3) -Translated by khaluah-

中原: hideさんて、いつ音楽をやろうと思ったんです?
When did you start thinking about playing music?

hide: 音楽は中学2年ぐらい……ですかね。
I think it was when I was in... 2nd grade of junior high school
(*4 8th grade in American school system)

中原: ギターから?
The guitar was the very first instrument?

hide: ギターからです。でも、なんか、そういう人の前に立つ、とかっていうことは、もう夢のまた夢、ぐらいに思ってましたけどね。ルックス的に、すごいデブだったから。
Yes, it was. But I thought playing in front of people was an impossible dream. Look-wise, I mean. I was really fat so...

中原: 太ってたなんて思えないでしょ?
(To Megumi) You can't imagine that he used to be chubby, can you?

恵: いつ痩せたんですか?
When did you lose weight?

hide: 高校、入ってからですね。急に。
After I enrolled in high school. Suddenly.

中原: それは、なんか、自分で「やせよう!」と思って? それとも自然に?
Was that because you tried to lose weight, or naturally?

hide: んとね、最近分かったのは、やっぱり実家の食事だったみたいですね。
Well, I found out recently but it looks like it was because of my parents' cooking.

中原: 美味しかったんだ。
Must have been good.

hide: うん、食う量と。実家にあんまりいなくなって、わりと遊び歩くようになって、家に帰らなくなったら、急にやせちゃいましたね。
Yeah, and the amount eaten. When I stopped coming home so often, playing around outside, I naturally lost weight.

中原: 中学後半ぐらいからお家にあんまりいなくなった。
You stopped coming home at end of junior high school?

hide: 高校……うん、高校入ってからですね。
High school… yeah, after I got in high school.
(*5 1st grade of high school is 10th grade in American school system)

中原: どこ行ってたんでしょう?
Where were you hanging out?

hide: あーのー、わりとあの、横須賀であのー、「ドブ板」って、知ってます? あの……わりと……
Um... you see, in Yokosuka... there's a place called "Dobu-Ita"
(*6)... Have you heard of it? It's a kind of place...
(*6 US Navy sailors call this street "Honch". It's located right across the street from Yokosuka US Naval Base.)

恵: 「ジュピター」っていう、横浜銀蝿の衣装作ったとこ。
There's a store called "Jupiter" there. They created stage costumes for rock'n'roll bands.

hide: (笑)そうそう、そこの米軍の兵隊さん相手のストリートがあって、そこにわりと入り浸ってましたね。
(laugh) Right, right. That's a street with lots of stores for the US Navy sailors. That's where I used to hang out a lot.

中原: もうそのときからお酒飲んでた?
Were you already drinking there?

hide: そこで、あの、お酒も女も煙草も、そこで全部覚えましたね。
...Drinking, girls, smoking, learned everything there.

中原: じゃそのドブ板に行ってた頃って、ついこのあいだまではモリモリうちでご飯食べてた秀人が……お母さんやお父さん、なんて言いました?
So, "Lil Hideto" who was eating dinner like a champion yesterday is now hanging out in Dobu-Ita street... what did your mom and dad say?

hide: まあ、怒られたりとか……、しましたけどね。ただ、だから、やっぱり、家庭内ロックを聴いてたわけですよ。そいで、そこのドブ板に行くと、どの店からも自分の部屋で聴いてるロックが爆音でかかってくるんですよ。もうただただそこの世界をのぞきたくて、なんかこう、こういう感じで(おどおどさぐる感じで)、自分なりに怖かったんですけど、そこ行くようになって。そのうちに知り合いができて、で、そこの知り合いのヤツらとバンド組むようになって。で、入り浸っていくようになって。
Well... I... got in trouble though. But up until then, I was just listening to rock music in my room, right? But when I went to Dobu-Ita, I could hear the same kind of music blasted out from any stores around. All I wanted to do was just taking a glimpse of the world there. I was a little scared at first, acting all jumpy and everything, but stepped in there. Then I made some friends there, then formed a band with them, then ended up almost living there.


中原: でもやっぱりhideさんね、私、あのギター持ってる姿、やっぱかっこいいねぇ。
But hide, you look so cool holding the guitar.

hide: あ。ありがとうございます……
Oh. Thank you... so much.

中原: 身体の一部だもんね、ギターが。パッと持ったとき。……ギターじゃなきゃいけなかったのかな、やっぱり。あれは運命的な楽器なのかな?
It's like a part of your body when you take it in your hands. Did it have to be the guitar? Was it like a destiny?

hide: あんね、今でこそソロで歌やってるじゃないですか。だけどね、あのー……、ロック始めたときに、ただのリスナーのときはね、僕、ヴォーカリストになるパーソナリティの人間っていうのが非常に嫌いだったの。そういうでしゃばりの人間で、そんなね、目立ちたがり屋の人間にね、まともなやついないぐらいに思ってて、ヴォーカリストっていうものに、絶対自分はもう、ほんっとに関係ない、遠ーくのほうにいて、僕はその横に立ってて寡黙に弾いているギタリストの姿に、一番魅力を感じてね、それでギタリストになりたかったんですよね。
Um, you know, now that I'm solo, I sing, right? When I was just a listener of rock'n'roll... when I first started listening to it, I really really hated the type of people who become singers. I believed that they thought, "Look! It's all about me!" and they must have been the type who don't have any kind of decency. That's why I got attracted with the ones who have nothing to do with singing, waaaaay far away from it; the guitar players who stand right beside the singer, just quietly playing, without saying a word.
So right now, I can't believe myself singing these songs, which are not even worth paying for, in front of the audience, opening and shutting my mouth as if I'm a fish or something.

中原: でもその寡黙なギタリストが好きでいたhideさんも、とっても素敵だし、かと言って、「人前でパクパク」っていうのは、あの、すごい、なんていうの? 芸術家っぽいわよ、hideさんって。あの、ヴォーカリストっていうよりも、芸術家。
But hide who plays the guitar quietly is so cool but also you can "open and shut the mouth like a fish in front of audience"... It's like... how can I put it, you are the artist-type, you know? You are not a singer, an artist.

恵: でも、そう思ってたわけですよね? それがこう、どっかで変わったんですか、やっぱり。
So you didn't like singers at first, right? Have you changed your mind somehow?

hide: このソロっていうのを始めるまで僕、自分の歌っていうのは聴いたことなかったんですよ。……そう。で、ソロで契約して、さあって「何やろう」って……、別にギターだけでレコード作ってもよかったんですけどね、なんか「そんなレコード……欲しくないよな」とかって思って。自分の好きなギタリストの方もやっぱりその人の、その人なりの歌を歌ってギターで自分の曲を作って、作られてる人だとか、かっこいいレコードがすごいあったんで、結構そういうのをやっぱり見て、やっぱり「こういうレコードを作りたい」って。なんかこの、なりの、自分なりの、なんかその、歌を楽器と思い、なんかその、自分の曲に乗せていくのを作っていこう、っていうふうに思ってから、やってみたんですよね。
Before I started my solo career, I had never heard myself sing. Then, when I contracted for my solo project, I thought "Now what? What should I do?" And I could have made an album with nothing but guitar playing. But then again, I thought to myself, "Would I go and buy such an album? …Nah, I don't think so."
Even my favorite guitar players made albums with singing in his own style and composing his own music on the guitar. There were many records like that, which were real cool. When I saw stuff like that, I thought "I wanna make an album like this". So I just wanted to do it in my own style, like, thinking my voice is a musical instrument. After I started thinking that way, I decided to go ahead and try.

中原: 結構いいでしょ!
And don't you think singing is not that bad?

hide: いい…いい…いい…いいと思ったから出してるんですけどね(笑 まぁ、自分で大きな顔して「俺の歌を聴け」とは言えないけども、自分の声は楽器だと思ってますよね。結構融通のきかない楽器だと。
Not bad... not... not... not bad... I wouldn't have released the album if I thought it was no good, of course. (Laugh) But I don't mean to say, "Hey, here's my song, so you guys just shut up and listen!" you know? I just think my voice is also a musical instrument. A very inflexible musical instrument.

恵: でも、血が通ってるもんですもんね。
Cause it has life in it (so of course it's inflexible).

hide: うーん。……なんかね、でもね、俺が言うとなんか、逃げてるようで嫌ですね(笑
Yeah... I guess. But if I say that myself, it would sound like I'm making excuses... Don't you think so? (Laugh)

恵: そうですかぁ?
Think so? I don't know.

hide: うん。……どっちかというと、うん、楽器だと思ってます。
Yes...I think my voice is more like a musical instrument.

(ever free)

第2週 その2へ続く
To be continued to 2nd week (2 of 3)

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